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Club Chartering Packet
Lorain County Community College
Office of Student Life (CC206)
1005 North Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035
T: (440)366-4036 F: (440)366-4675 E: slevents@lorainccc.edu
W: www.lorainccc.edu/student-life/
Student Senate Office (CC203)
Manager: Selina Gaddis (440)366-7648
Administrative Assistant: Rochelle Fairley (440)366-7567
Office Hours
Fall & Spring Semester
Monday-Thursday: 8:30a.m. - 6:00p.m. Friday: 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m.
Winter/Spring Break & Summer Semester
Monday-Friday: 8:30a.m - 4:30p.m.
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Club Chartering Guidelines
If you have a passion, and want to create a place for likeminded students to come
together to socialize, share ideas, and work toward common goals, then you might
consider starting a club at LCCC. This packet contains step-by-step information on how
to do so, as well as necessary documents and supplementary information. Before you
go any further however, please inquire at the Student Life desk for a list of current
LCCC clubs, as there may already be one similar to the club you wish to start. If the
club in question is inactive, and you wish to reactivate it, please return this packet and
request a Club Reactivation packet instead. Feel free to stop by the Student Life desk
on the second floor of the College Center (CC206) with any additional questions, or
contact them using the information below:
Telephone: (440)-366-4036
Chartering an LCCC Club
NOTE: The completion of ALL parts of the following process must be completed before
clubs may request permission to hold events on campus, and access other club
Complete a Club Charter Application, found at the end of this packet.
o Collect the signatures and student numbers of ten (10) students interested
in joining.
o Recruit a full or part-time LCCC faculty or staff member to be your club
Ask someone with an interest in the purpose of the club, and the
time to be involved.
Share and discuss the “Advisor Roles and Responsibilities” section
of this packet.
If they agree to be your advisor, have them sign the Club Charter
Draft a Club Constitution in consultation with your advisor and the
“Constitutional Format Guidelines” section of this packet.
Submit both the Application and Constitution to the Office of Student Life for
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Pending review by the Office of Student Life and the Student Senate, you will be
required to attend a Student Senate General meeting to provide the Student
Body an opportunity to ask questions about the club. If the purpose of your club
and its constitution are in accordance with College Policy and the Student Senate
Constitution and By-Laws, the Senate will vote to charter your club.
Once chartered, your assigned Senator will help you arrange an election meeting
with prospective members, which will be conducted following procedures detailed
in your Club Constitution.
o Record the minutes to the meeting.
o Verify attendance with a sign-in sheet.
Bring the sign-in sheet and the election meeting minutes to the Student Life
o Request a Slate of Officers form, and complete it.
o Submit the minutes, sign-in sheet, and Slate of Officers to Student Life.
Congratulations! You may now access club privileges, including a club mailbox,
club cubicle space (available on a first-come, first-serve basis), and a club email
account. You will also be invited to attend an orientation session to acquaint
your new officers with Student Life policies and procedures.
Note: All clubs once chartered are required to maintain active status based on the
definition found in the Student Senate By-Laws, which can also be found in this
packet. Failure to do so will result in loss of club privileges and eventual club
Advisor Roles & Responsibilities
The role of an advisor is to provide guidance and oversight to ensure that student clubs
are run effectively and in accord with college policies. While the specific duties and time
requirements will differ based on the purpose of the club and level of club activity, below
are some general guidelines to follow:
Stay abreast of all meetings and events the club holds, and try to attend if able.
Be familiar with all college guidelines, including the Code of Conduct, and apply
this knowledge in your advisement.
Offer advice or assistance when called upon, and act as a mediator in solving
personality or organizational conflicts.
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Be accessible: All club paperwork submitted to the Office of Student Life requires
an advisor’s signature, so post contact information and office hours during which
you expect to be available to club members for this and any other needs.
Be willing to seek advice from the Office of Student Life.
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Active Status Requirements
All chartered student clubs are required to maintain an active status, as defined in the
Student Senate By-Laws. Active status is determined by the following criteria:
1. Hosting a club promotion activity each semester in the College Commons
area. Staffing a Welcome Week table satisfies this requirement.
2. Submitting at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters to the Office of
Student Life a Slate of Officers form accompanied by the minutes to the
meeting at which elections took place, as well as a sign-in sheet with
signatures of all those in attendance.
a. For a club to maintain active status, this documentation is required any
time there is a change in officers.
b. If no change has taken place from Fall to Spring semesters, an officer of
the club must request the current Slate of Officers from Student Life for
review, and confirm that no changes have been made in the box
3. Requesting an approved copy of the Club Constitution from the Office of
Student Life at the beginning of the Fall semester, reviewing it, making any
changes as necessary following the process for amendments, and
submitting a copy to the Office of Student Life with a Constitutional
Verification form.
a. If revisions have taken place, they must be accompanied by
documentation of the amendment process and must be approved by
the Manager of the Office of Student Life before taking effect.
4. Holding at least one (1) general meeting per month during the course of the
academic year, defined as Fall and Spring Semesters.
5. Holding at least one (1) on-campus event open to the Student Body each
semester during the academic year.
6. Communicating with the club’s assigned Senator on a regular basis to report
out on club events and activities.
Failure of a club to maintain active status may result in revocation of club privileges,
club deactivation, and eventually decommissioning.
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Constitutional Format Guidelines
CONSTITUTION OF _________________________ CLUB
Article I. Name
The name of this club shall be ____________________________________________.
Article II: Purpose
State specifically the purpose of your club, for example: "to promote . . .," "to provide . . .,"
Article III: Membership
State the requirements for and privileges of membership in your club, and any conditions
Article IV: Meetings
State how often meetings are to be held, who has the authority to call a meeting and any
other pertinent information. It is recommended that you hold both General Meetings for
the membership, as well as Officers Meetings where the majority of club business is
Article V: Activities
If your club plans to have activities, projects, etc., state their nature.
Article VI: Advisor(s)
State the method in which advisors may be selected and removed, as well as any
specific duties or responsibilities the advisor of your club should adhere to.
Article VII: Officers
State here the officer positions of your club and the specific duties and responsibilities of
each. Suggested positions include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Here also should be included any qualifications for maintaining a position, the process by
which an officer can be removed, as well as the process by which offices will be filled in
the case of a vacancy.
Article VIII: Elections
State when elections will be held, qualifications for nomination, length of term, when the
elected persons will take office, election procedures, and any other pertinent information.
Article IX: Amendments
State here the process for making amendments to this Constitution.
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Office of Student Life
Club Charter Application
NOTE: Clubs must conform to the standards set forth in the Student Senate Constitution and By-Laws.
Application Date:
Spring Fall 20_____
Student ID#:
Club Name:
Club Founder:
Advisor Name
Advisor Signature:
Will the proposed club be affiliated with any national or regional organization(s)?
Purpose of Club:
Ten (10) student names and ID numbers are required to establish this club.
Student Name
Student ID Number
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Not Approved
Inappropriate for Campus
Comment: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Student Life’s Manager Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _________________________
Student Senate President / Vice President Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _________________________
Student Senate Financial Secretary Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _________________________
Club Notified by: E-mail Phone In Person Date: _______________ Initial:_____________
Revised 3/22/17