Professional Development Activity - GATA
Required Data for Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) Periodic Reports
Name: ________________________________________ School’s Name: ____________________________________
Please choose one of the following:
_____ I went to a workshop Name of Provider: _________________________________________
_____ We hosted a workshop Content/Title: ____________________________________________
This report covers which quarter:
___ 1 (7/1-9/30) ___ 2 (10/1-12/31) ___ 3 (1/1-3/31) ___ 4 (4/1-6/30)
The workshop addressed the following:
I/we are monitoring the effectiveness of this learning using this specific metric or set of
I/we will monitor my/our progress with the following frequency:
___ weekly ___ monthly ___ quarterly
I/we observed the following accomplishment based on this activity this quarter:
Number of students who will be affected because of this professional learning: _________
Thoughts for further implementation:
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