a person a corporation
Residential address
ABN (if applicable)
Corporation's details
Business address
State Postcode
Mailing address (if different from business address)
1 Is the permit to be issued in the name of:
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Personal details
NSW Driver licence number/Customer number
Given names
Date of birth
day month year
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Customer number
State Postcode
ABN (if applicable)
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Mailing address
An Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) must not be used as a substitute for registration.
The UVP document should be kept in the vehicle and the UVP label or a notice showing the permit number
must be clearly displayed on the vehicle at all times.
Application for Unregistered Vehicle Permit
State Postcode
State Postcode
ACN or ARBN or other
(evidence of incorporation required)
Details of the proposed journey
How long do you want the permit for?
(UVP's are issued for up to 28 days only)
Vehicle type? (eg. car, truck, cycle, trailer, plant)
Model (in full - name, letters and/or numbers, variant)
Engine number
Vehicle identification
VIN number or chassis/frame number
Dealers with an agreement may certify new vehicles listed in Schedule 1, Item 5 of their dealer agreement without the 'Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use
Year of manufacture
GVM (trucks only)
Starting from:
Arriving at:
/ /
male female
day month year
/ /
day month year
/ /
If an UVP is being issued in the name of a corporation, the
Representative Authority must be filled in. For a company, the
Director or an authorised delegate must complete and sign the
Representative's section. In the case of an incorporated association,
it is the public officer who must sign. In all cases, the authorised
representative must provide proof of their identity.
Why is the vehicle NOT being registered?
Email address
An UVP may only be issued for restricted journeys or short-term use up to 28 days.
A 'Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use Declaration' (form 1245) is required.
For further enquiries contact a service centre, call 13 22 13 or visit roads-waterways.transport.nsw.gov.au
Hearing or speech impaired? Call Service NSW on the National Relay Service:
TTY users phone 13 36 77 then ask for 13 22 13. Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 and ask for 13 22 13.
Please provide a mobile number if
you would like to receive
communications from Service NSW
this way
Mobile number
Catalogue No. 45070190 Form No. 1019 (05/2021) ABN 18 804 239 602
Vehicles carrying a commercial load, exempt from registration, or written-off cannot be issued with an UVP.
Any old number plates must be removed from the vehicle and surrendered at a service centre.
(if different from residential address, All mail will be
posted to this address)
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Staff number
Permit number
If this is a telephone application make sure the applicant
understands that he/she will be bound by the conditions of the
permit and will be responsible for the suitability for safe use of the
vehicle and that any old number plates must be removed from the
vehicle before it is used and surrendered as soon as possible after
the permit has been issued.
Proof of identity record
Office use - BUNDLE B
Permit details
Secondary proof (if necessary)
Document number
Stand alone or primary proof
ACN, ARBN or other verified from: (specify document)
Customer service representative details
Conditions and details of proposed journey to be recorded
Representative Authority
Given names
Representative's details
Complete this to authorise another person to apply for an UVP in your
name (as long as you are recorded on the Transport for NSW
computer system).
I declare that the person named below is my authorised
State Postcode
Representative's signature
NSW Driver licence/ Customer no.
Dealer use
Certified by dealer representative as being suitable of safe use
This vehicle is suitable for safe use and meets the
requirements of road transport legislation.
Company stamp
day month year
/ /
day month year
/ /
day month year
/ /
You declare that:
you will be bound by the conditions as described in the permit
you will be responsible for the vehicle to be suitable for safe
use for the period of the permit
will clearly display the UVP label or notice showing the
permit number on the vehicle.
Dealer licence number
Suitable for safe use
Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use Declaration
Certification by Motor Dealer
Catalogue No. 45070190 Form No. 1019 (05/2021) ABN 18 804 239 602
Overdimension permit no. (if applicable)
Capacity if representative of a corporation
Capacity if representative
of a corporation
the information on this form is true and complete
Date of birth
day month year
/ /
Under road transport legislation, it is an offence to attempt to obtain
an UVP for a registrable vehicle, or renew the permit by false
statement or any misrepresentation or other dishonest means.
Gender male female
Transport for NSW is committed to protecting your privacy and
ensuring your personal and health information is managed
according to law.
Find out why we collect your personal information, including how
we use and manage it, by reading our privacy statement at
www.transport.nsw.gov.au/privacy-statement or phone 13 22 13
to request a copy.
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