1. Click the Flipgrid link, enter the Flip Code or scan the Flipgrid QR Code.
2. Sign in to the Grid.
3. Record your Video!
How to get started with Flipgrid
What is Flipgrid?
Flipgrid works on all browsers and is available for free on iOS and Android.
Enter Flip Code Scan Flipgrid QR
Tap the green plus sign to begin recording your response. To submit your video response,
follow these steps: record your video, review + edit, take a selfie, then submit!
To learn how to record and submit your video, visit this link:
Depending on how your teacher setup the Grid, you will join either using your School Email
or a Student ID, your teacher can provide this information if needed.
Your Flip Code is provided by your teacher to join the class Grid. Go to Flipgrid.com or open the Flipgrid
App and enter the Flip Code exactly how your teacher provided by clicking the button "Enter Flip Code."
Flipgrid is 100% free for all educators, learners, and families. Engage and empower every
voice in your classroom or at home by recording and sharing short, awesome videos ... together!
Flip Code here
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