FORM NFP 102.10 (rev. Dec. 2003)
General Not For Profit Corporation Act
Secretary of State
Department of Business Services
501 S. Second St., Rm. 350
Springfield, IL 62756
Remit payment in the form of a
cashier’s check, certified check,
money order, or Illinois attorney’s
or C.P.A.’s check payable
to Secretary of State.
____________________________________ File #_____________________________ Filing Fee: $50 Approved: ___________
———— Submit in duplicate ———— Type or print clearly in black ink ———— Do not write above this line ————
Article 1.
Corporate Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
Article 2.
Name and Address of Registered Agent and Registered Office in Illinois:
Registered Agent: __________________________________________________________________________________
First Name Middle Name Last Name
Registered Office: __________________________________________________________________________________
Number Street Suite # (P.O. Box alone is unacceptable)
Registered Off__________________________________________________________________________________
City ZIP Code County
Article 3.
The first Board of Directors shall be ____________________ in number, their Names and Addresses being as follows.
Printed by authority of the State of Illinois. October 2021 - 1 - C 157.18
Not less than three
Director Name Street Address City State ZIP Code
Article 4.
Purpose(s) for which the Corporation is organized:
(continued on back)
Article 5.
Other provisions (For more space, attach additional sheets of this size.):
Article 6.
Is this Corporation a Condominium Association as established under the Condominium Property Act? (check one)
n Yes n No
Is this Corporation a Cooperative Housing Corporation as defined in Section 216 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954?
(check one)
n Yes n No
Is this Corporation a Homeowner's
Association, which administers a common-interest community as defined in subsection
(c) of Section 9-102 of the code of Civil Procedure? (check one)
n Yes n No
Article 7.
Names & Addresses of Incorporators
The undersigned incorporator(s) hereby declare(s), under penalties of perjury, that the statements made in the foregoing Articles
of Incorporation are true.
Dated _______________________________ , _____
Month Day Year
Signatures and Names Post Office Address
1. ________________________________________ 1. ________________________________________
Signature Street
________________________________________ ________________________________________
Name (print) City, State, ZIP
2. ________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________
Signature Street
________________________________________ ________________________________________
Name (print) City, State, ZIP
3. ________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________
Signature Street
________________________________________ ________________________________________
Name (print) City, State, ZIP
Signatures must be in BLACK INK on the original document.
Carbon copies, photocopies or rubber stamped signatures may only be used on the duplicate copy.
If a corporation acts as incorporator, the name of the corporation and the state of incorporation shall be shown and the
execution shall be by a duly authorized corporate officer. Please print name and title beneath the officer's signature.
The registered agent cannot be the corporation itself.
The registered agent may be an individual, resident in Illinois, or a domestic or foreign corporation, authorized to act as
a registered agent.
The registered office may be, but need not be, the same as its principal office.
A corporation that is to function as a club, as defined in Section 1-3.24 of the "Liquor Control Act" of 1934, must insert
in its purpose clause a statement that it will comply with the state and local laws and ordinances relating to
alcoholic liquors.
Return to:
________________________________________ __________________________________________
Firm Name Attention
________________________________________ __________________________________________
Mailing address City, State, ZIP