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Name of Online-Only Adult Education Course Provider: ____________________________________________________________
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Street: _____________________________________________________ City: __________________________________________
State: _____________________________________________________ ZIP: __________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________________
Type of Business (check one)
Any change in type of business requires a new application. Failure to make such application may result in action against your
school license.
Sole Proprietor Partnership Corporation Association LLC/Limited Liability Corporation Foreign Corporation
*Must be accompanied by an Application for Authority to Transact Business in Illinois and acceptance of the same by the Illinois
Secretary of State, Department of Business Services.
Provide the following information of all owners, partners, associates, corporate directors, officers and managers:
Printed by authority of the State of Illinois. September 2021— 1 — DSDA293.2
Office of the Secretary of State
Driver Services Department
1 Is the owner or any employee of the applicant/provider a current salaried or contractual
employee of the Secretary of State?
2 Are you operating under an assumed name? If yes, are you in compliance with all provisions
of the Assumed Business Name Act, 805 ILCS 405/0.01 et seq.?
The following numbered exhibits must be provided to satisfy the minimum instructional program requirements: (If a renewal and
exhibits are presently on file, please print OF (on file) and initial.)
SECTION A - Required Course of Instruction:
a) Providers must provide six hours of online-driver education instruction in accordance with the course content set
forth in Section 1066.45.
1) A minimum of 360 minutes of instruction must be provided.
2) Each student must complete the instruction within 30 days of commencement of instruction.
3) The material presented in the course shall be edited for grammar, punctuation and spelling and be of such
quality that it does not detract from the subject matter.
4) Advertisement of goods and services shall not appear during instructional time. Material not related to the topic
being presented shall not appear during instructional time.
5) To demonstrate that the course contains a minimum of 360 minutes of instruction, the following calculations
shall be used:
A) For written material that is read by the student, count the total number of words in the written sections
of the course. Divide the word count by 180, the average number of words that a typical student reads
per minute. The result equals the time associated with the material for the written sections.
B) For multimedia presentation, including simulators, calculate the total amount of time it takes for all
multimedia presentations to play, which shall not exceed 120 minutes.
C) Assign one minute for each chart or graph.
D) If the sum of the time associated with written course material, multimedia presentations and graphs
equals or exceeds 360 minutes, the course has met the minimum content time.
b) In lieu of the time calculation method set forth in paragraph (a)(5) of this Section, a provider may submit alternate
methodology to demonstrate that the course contains a minimum of 360 minutes of instruction.
c) All material appearing on screen to be read by the student shall also be spoken aloud to the student, unless this function
is manually disabled by the student.
d) Providers must monitor the Illinois General Assembly and update their course content to include any new laws regarding
the rules of the road or operation of motor vehicles. This update shall be submitted to the department for review and
approval within 60 days of the effective date of the law change.
e) Criteria for passing the course, in accordance with Section 1066.70 of this Part, shall be provided to the student prior
to the commencement of the course.
f) The course must be designed and well suited for students with minimal keyboarding and/or computer skills.
g) Prior to certification, each applicant shall provide the department with all necessary information to allow the depart
to participate in a complete online-adult driver education course, without fee to the department, so that the depart
may determine if the course satisfies the requirements of this Part. If the proposed course content meets the requirements
of this Part, it will be approved by the department.
h) Providers must follow the classroom course content submitted to and approved by the department at the time of application
for certification. To determine compliance with this provision, the provider shall provide the department with all necessary
information to allow the department to participate in a complete online-adult driver education course, without fee t
o the
i) If a provider wishes to substantially change the course content, a copy of the proposed revisions must be sent to the
Department for approval. The provider shall also provide the department with all necessary information to allow the
Department to participate in a complete adult driver education course, with the proposed revisions included in the c
After review, the department will send a letter to the provider either approving or rejecting the proposed changes.
SECTION B - Required Course Content:
a) Course Objectives. The educational objectives of adult driver education shall include, but not be limited to, promoti
respect for and encouraging observance of traffic laws and traffic safety responsibilities of drivers and citizens;
traffic violations; reducing traffic-related injuries, deaths and economic losses; and motivating continuing develop
ment of
traffic related competencies through education, including, but not limited to, Illinois traffic law, risk management
, driver
attitudes, courtesy skills, and informing participants about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving abili
b) Course Content- At a minimum, course content must include:
1) Familiarization with the process of obtaining an instruction permit and driver’s license and the obligations an
responsibilities that exist with holding a license
2) Instruction on traffic laws
3) Highway signs
4) Signals and markings that regulate, warn or direct traffic, including traffic signs and lane markings
5) Issues commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents, including poor decision making, risk taking, distractions,
speed, failure to use a safety belt, driving at night, failure to yield the right-of-way, texting while drivi
ng and
using wireless communication devices
6) How to respond to emergency vehicles
7) Turning, passing and yielding
8) Construction and school zones
9) Stopping distance
10) Blind spots
11) Strategy for driving using:
A) Smith System
B) IPDE Process
C) Zone Control
D) Any other recognized process for identifying problems, predicting outcomes, deciding action and executin
12) Right-of-way for pedestrians, emergency vehicles and school buses
13) Sharing the road with pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, trucks and recreational vehicles
14) Road hazards including visibility, weather and traction
15) Mental conditions including alertness, awareness and emotion
16) Alcohol and other drugs, including effects, responsibilities, driving under the influence, zero tolerance, and
implied consent laws
17) Differences in urban and rural driving, including driving on highways and Interstate driving
18) Organ donor
19) Illinois Secretary of State emergency contact database
c) Providers shall group course content into modules or sections to allow for quizzes in accordance with Section 1066.70.
a) A provider shall provide for the creation and maintenance of the records documenting student enrollment, the verification
of the student's identity, and testing of the student's mastery of the course material. The provider shall also ensure that
the student record is readily, securely and reliably available for inspection by a representative of the Secretary of State.
The records shall be maintained for a minimum period of three (3) years. The student records shall contain the following
1) the student’s first, middle and last name
2) the student’s residence and email addresses
3) the student’s date of birth and gender
4) a record of all questions asked and the student’s responses
5) a record of the date and time the student spent in each section and the total instructional time the student spent in
the course
6) a record of all verification of the student’s identity (i.e. if voice biometrics are used, a copy of each voice recording
must be maintained)
b) Within two business days of successful completion of an adult driver education course, providers shall electronically transmit
to the Secretary of State’s office the student’s full name (first, middle and last), address, date of birth, gender and email
address, accompanied by the statutory fee of $5.
Under penalty of perjury, I (we) swear and affirm that all information submitted by me (us) regarding this application is true and correct. I
(We) also swear and affirm that no fictitious or fraudulent document has been presented for the purpose of this application.
Each owner, partner, associate, manager and a majority of the corporate directors and officers of the Online-Only Adult Education Course Provider must
sign above.
To knowingly make a false statement or conceal a material fact in this application is a criminal offense and will result in the revocation of your
Online-Only Adult Education Course Provider Certification.
This application MUST BE accompanied by a detailed description of each position involved in every facet of the adult driver education course, with
contact information for each employee.
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