Enrollment/Change Request
Employer Group Information – To be completed by Employer
Group Name Group Number Sublocation/Store location
__________________ ________________ __________/_________
(A) Type of Activity – To Be Completed by Employer. Refer to instructions on back before completing this form. Print clearly.
1. Enrollment ( ) New Enrollee / Subscriber Effective Date ___/___/___ Date of Hire ___/___/___
2. Change – Check all that apply Date of Event Reason 3. Remove or Terminate – Check all that apply Effective Date Reason
( ) Add Spouse __/__/__ _______________ ( ) Remove Spouse* __/__/__ _____________
( ) Add Domestic Partner __/__/__ _______________ ( ) Remove Domestic Partner* __/__/__ _____________
( ) Add Dependent Child __/__/__ _______________ ( ) Remove Dependent Child* __/__/__ _____________
( ) Name Change __/__/__ _______________ ( ) Employee Withdrawal/Termination __/__/__ _____________
( ) Change Plan __/__/__ _______________ NOTE: Employee must be enrolled for spouse/dependents(s) to have
( ) Other __/__/__ _______________ coverage.
( ) Add/Change Office ID Numbers __/__/__ _______________ *Please complete Add/Change/Remove and Name columns in Section D.
4. Continuation of coverage, i.e. COBRA, State, total disability. Not all options are available or applicable. Contact Employer for available options.
Coverage for: ( ) Employee ( ) Dependents
Length of Continuation: ( ) 12 months ( ) 18 months ( ) 29 months ( ) 36 months ( ) Total Disability* Attach proof of total disability
Date of Loss of Coverage: __/__/__ Date of Qualifying Event: __/__/__
Billing: ( ) Home ( ) Group
(B) Employee Information – Complete Sections (B-G)
Last name, First name, MI ___________________________ Social Security Number ______________________ Home Telephone ____________________
E-mail Address ____________________________ Home Address ________________________________ Apt # ____ City, State _________ Zip Code ______
Employer Name _____________________________ Work Telephone ______________________________ Work Address ____________________________
City, State ______________ Zip Code ______________ Date of Employment __/__/__Hours Worked per week ________
(C) Plan Option – Your selection must be offered by your Employer Check one: ( ) Delta Dental Premier
( ) Delta Dental PPO ( ) Advantage Program
( ) Delta Dental PPO plus Premier ( ) DeltaCare
(D) Individuals Covered – List individuals for whom you are adding/changing/removing coverage. Attach sheet to list additional children. (Attach proof if
full-time post-secondary student. Attach proof of disability.)
(A) Add Last Name Sex Birthdate Social Other Previous Coverage
(C) Change First Name, MI M F MM/DD/YYYY Security Health Check if Yes
(R) Remove Number Coverage
Employee _________ __________________ ____ __/__/____ ____________ _____________ _______
Domestic Partner
(If Coverage offered) _________ __________________ ____ __/__/____ ____________ _____________ _______
Spouse _________ __________________ ____ __/__/____ ____________ _____________ _______
Child _________ __________________ ____ __/__/____ ____________ _____________ _______
Child _________ __________________ ____ __/__/____ ____________ _____________ _______
Child _________ __________________ ____ __/__/____ ____________ _____________ _______
Child _________ __________________ ____ __/__/____ ____________ _____________ _____
(E) Other/Previous Insurance
Is your spouse employed? ( ) Yes ( ) No If “Yes”, give name and address of your spouse’s employer.
If “Yes” to Other Health Coverage (Section D), give names & policy numbers of insurance carrier, HMO, or other source. If enrolled in Medicare Parts A and/or
B, identify the coverage and provide the Medicare ID#.
If “Yes” to Previous Coverage, identify names(s) of persons, give effective date and date coverage terminated, name of previous carrier and plan number.
(F) Dependent Information
Does any dependent listed in Section D live at a different address than the Employee? ( ) Yes ( ) No If “Yes”, who and at what address?
Explain the circumstances
If any dependent’s last name differs from yours, explain the circumstances.
(G) Employee Signature If you have questions concerning the benefits and services provided by or excluded under this Agreement, contact a Customer Service
Agent at 1-800-452-9310 before signing this form.
I represent that all the information supplied in this application is true and complete. I hereby agree to the conditions of enrollment on the reverse side of
the employee enrollment/change request. I authorize deductions from my earnings for any required contributions.
Employee Signature – Required _______________________________________ Date __/__/__ E-mail Address _____________________________________________
(H) Employer Verification – To be Completed by Employer
Employer Signature – Required _____________________________________ Title __________________________________ Date __/__/__
*Complete the Employer Group Information in the upper left corner of the form.
*Section A - Type of Activity:Check boxes indicating reason(s) for submitting application.
*Complete Section (H) – Employer Verification (in the upper left corner of the second page)of the form.
*Employer must complete this section for all new enrollments, coverage changes and terminations.
*Employer must sign and date the Enrollment/Change Request in order for it to be processed.
Employee – Complete Sections (B-G)
Section (B) – Employee Information
Complete all information in order for your application to be processed.
Section (C) Plan Option:
Check one Plan option box ( ) Delta Dental Premier ( ) Delta Dental PPO
( ) Delta Dental POS ( ) Delta Dental PPO Advantage Program ( ) DeltaCare
Select only an option offred by your employer.
Section (D) – Individuals Covered:
Add/Change/Remove – Use “A”,“C”,or”R” to indicate wqhether you are adding,changing or removing
coverage for an individual.
Print your full name along with the name(s) of your dependents, if applicable. Indicate
Sex,Birthdate,and Social Security number for each individual listed.
If a dependent is a full-time post-secondary student, you must attach a current course schedule or a
letter from the school or its authorized representative confirming full-time student status. If
dependent is disabled and being contiuned beyond the limiting age, attach proof of disibility.
If you or your dependent(s) have other Health coverage, check off the “Yes” box(es) and complete
Section (F) – Other/Previous Insurance.
From the appropriate provider directory, locate the office ID number for the dentist (if applicable).
Indicate office ID number selection(s) on the form.
Section (E) – Pre-Existing Conditions Statement
Complete this section for all new enrollments. Exceptions: For Small Employer Group coverage, this
section must be completed only by persons enrolling in the group coverage in a group of 2-5 employees
and by late entrants.
Section (F) – Other/Previous Insurance
Complete this section for all new enrollments or coverage changes. Coverage includes group coverage,
governmental coverage, a church plan or Medicare.
Section (G) – Dependent Information
Complete this section for all new enrollments or coverage changes.
Section (H) – Employee Signature:
Complete this section for all new enrollments, coverage changes and terminations.
Employee must sign and date the Enrollment/Change Request Form in order for it to be processed.
Section (I) – Employer Verification
Employer must complete this section for all new enrollments, coverage changes and terminations.
Employer must sign and date the Enrollment/Change Request Form in order for it to be processed.
Conditons of Enrollment
Application Acknowledgment and Agreements
1. On behalf of myself and the dependents listed on the reverse side I agree to or with the following:
a)I authorize the sources stated below to give Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. or any consumer reporting
agency acting on its behalf, information about me and my minor childern, if applying for coverage. Such
information will pertain to employment, other health coverage, and medical advice, treatment or supplies
for any physical or medical condition. Authorization sources are any physician or medical professional; any
hospital, clinic or other medical care institution; any carrier, any consumer reporting agency; any
b) I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time. I agree that such revocation will not
afect any action which Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. has taken in reliance on the authorization. I
understand this authorization will not be valid after 30 months, if not revoked earlier.
c) I know that I have a right to receive a copy of the authorization if I request one.
d) I agree that a photocopy of this authorization is as valid as the original.
2. I acknowledge by enrolling in a Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. plan or group policy coverage is provided
by Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. in accordance with the contract.
3. Enrollment of myself and of the listed dependents into the plan is effective on acceptance by Delta Dental
of New Jersey, Inc.
4. Coverage and benefits are contingent on timely payment of premiums and may be terminated as provided in the
plan documents. My employer is hereby authorized to withhold payments from my wages, as appropriate.
5. Any person who includes any false or misleading information on an Enrollment/Change Request form for a
health benefits plan is subject to criminal and civil penalties.