Revised: October 2017
I/We certify that I/We are presently the legal owner(s) of the property of the above-referenced property.
I/We acknowledge the ling of this application and certify that all the above information is true and accurate
and that I/We have familiarized myself/ourselves with the relevant provisions of the Hayward Municipal Code.
I/We hereby guarantee, as an authorized agent, applicant, property owner or project sponsor, that I/We individually
and jointly assume full responsibility for all costs incurred by the City in processing this application.
I/We understand and agree that unpaid balances may be referred to a collections agency, and failure to pay all
charges will result in a hold on any processing of current and/or future permits at the property.
NOTE: A person acting as an agent of the property owner(s) shall attach a notarized letter of authorization from the legal owner.
Zone Change Site Plan Review Variance
Conditional Use Permit Administrative Use Permit Zoning Conformance Permit
Tentative Parcel/Tract Map Parcel Map/Final Map Other: __________________________
Project Name: ________________________________ Location: ______________________________________________________________________
Assessor Parcel Number(s): __________________________________________________ Tract/Parcel No. (if applicable): ______________
Existing Zoning District(s): __________________________________________ Existing General Plan Designation: ___________________
Project Description (attach additional sheets if necessary): __________________________________________________________________________
Applicant Name(s): ______________________________________________________ Company Name: __________________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________________ City: ______________________ State: ________ ZIP: ___________
Primary Phone: ____________________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________________
Property Owner(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________________ City: ______________________ State: ________ ZIP: ___________
Primary Phone: ____________________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________________
Invoices To Be Directed To: Applicant Property Owner Other ___________________________________
Applicant Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________________
Property Owner Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________________________
Application # Work Order # Recieved By:
Fixed Fee: Deposit: Check #
Project Planner: Date Received:
City of Hayward
777 “B” Street Hayward CA, 94541
Phone: (510) 583-4200
FAX: (510) 583-3649
Development Permit Application
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City of Hayward Permit Center 777 B Street, First Floor Hayward CA 94541 Phone (510) 583-4216 FAX (510) 583-3649
Development Permit Application Checklist and Instructions
Development Services Department
Planning Division
Submittal Requirements
All applicants should consult with a City Planner to determine which of these submittal requirements will be
applicable for the specific project you are submitting, as some of the requirements may not be necessary.
Development Permit Application. Shall be original and wet-signed by both applicant and property owner(s);
Application Deposit or Fee. Checks payable to City of Hayward. Refer to Master Fee Schedule;
Appointment. Applicants are required to schedule an appointment with the Planning Division at (510) 583-4216
or prior to the submission of any application(s). No walk-ins accepted.
Project Narrative. A written description and explanation of your project (i.e. development, business operations);
Required Findings. A written justification on how each of the Required Findings for your particular application(s)
can be made. Findings may be found within Hayward Municipal Code;
Affordable Housing Ordinance Compliance (Two or More Dwelling Units Only). In November 2017, the City
Council adopted Ordinance No. 17-20 updating the Citys Affordable Housing Ordinance and Resolution No.
17-167 establishing the affordable housing in-lieu fee schedule. More information on the Ordinance and in-lieu
fees may be found at:
A. How many total residential dwelling units are proposed to be developed? ______________________________
B. Will the dwelling units of the project be for-sale, rental, or both? For-Sale Rental
C. Will the development include on-site affordable units? If so, how many? No Yes _______
D. Will the proposed residential development opt to pay in-lieu fees? No Yes _______
If YESto Question C, the applicant shall provide an Affordable Housing Plan consistent with the requirements
indicated in Section 10-17.510 of the Affordable Housing Ordinance with submittal package.
Project Plans (prepared by qualified licensed design professionals). Plans shall be collated and folded to 9 x 12”
in size. All plans shall be drawn and/or printed to scale. Some projects may require a different number of plan
sets - please confirm with a City Planner to verify the number required for your project.
Quantity of Plans: Twelve (12) Full Size 24 x 36” Plan Sets
Four (4) Reduced 11 x 17” Sets
One (1) Electronic Copy of All Submittal Documents - USB or CD Accepted (No E-mails)
Two (2) Copies of All Technical Reports and/or Supplemental Documents
Project Data Summary. All of the following information shall be provided on the cover sheet of the project plans.
Scope of work for proposed development/land use including address(es), APN, zoning district, site area;
Indicate the type of construction, building occupancy and total building/floor area for each building;
Existing and proposed calculations of parking spaces, open space, floor area, lot coverage, landscaping area.
Site Plan.
Show the entire property involved, including all property lines and lot dimensions;
Show the location of all existing and proposed structures, including those to be removed;
Show the distances between existing and proposed buildings and property lines;
Show any existing and proposed easements with dimensions;
Show the existing and proposed parking areas with dimensions;
Show the location of existing and proposed trees and other natural features including creeks, earthquake
fault traces, landslide areas, etc.;
Show location of existing and proposed fences and/or retaining walls;
Show the location and dimensions of the trash, recycling and organics enclosure(s), if applicable;
Show the path of travel of the trash collection vehicle to the enclosure(s) or trash collection staging area(s)
per City design requirements (;
Revised Date: March 2020
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City of Hayward Permit Center 777 B Street, First Floor Hayward CA 94541 Phone (510) 583-4216 FAX (510) 583-3649
Site Plan. (continued)
Show the location of any signage such as a monument sign, if applicable;
Show the location and dimension of all group and private open space areas (multi-family projects only);
Show the location and width of all pedestrian and vehicular routes to public and private streets;
Identify and show the location of the nearest fire hydrant and provide water flow and pressure information
for the hydrant, which can be obtained from the Public Works Department - Utilities Division;
Show emergency vehicle access and fire truck turnaround, if applicable.
Floor Plans.
Show all interior improvements (existing and proposed);
Indicate on the floor plan the dimensions and use of each room/space, and labels for each area and its use.
Elevations Drawings.
Show all existing and proposed exterior building elevations, (i.e. all sides of each structure, building heights);
Show all fences and/or walls;
Show all trash and recycling enclosures, if applicable;
Show location and type of exterior lighting (photometric plan may be required - see Transportation section);
Indicate building materials and colors (colored elevations are encouraged);
Show any exterior building wall signage, if applicable.
Landscape and Irrigation Plans. (generally required to be prepared by a California licensed Landscape Architect)
Refer and review Chapter 10, Article 12 for the Bay-Friendly Water-Efficient Landscape Ordinance;
Landscape plan shall be prepared on topographic survey;
Show existing and proposed landscape areas;
Show all underground and above-ground utilities.
Show locations of proposed plants, trees and ground covers;
Provide a plant legend that indicates plantsbotanical and common names;
Indicate the quantity, size, mature size and spacing of all plant materials;
Show and label all existing trees to be removed or retained a Comprehensive Arborist Report with Tree
Appraisal & Mitigation Plan may be required - see Chapter 10, Article 15 for Tree Preservation Ordinance;
Show the conceptual layout of the irrigation system including the water meter, point of connection, static
pressure (PSI) at point of connection, backflow prevention device, automatic irrigation controllers, main line,
valves, hydrozones, and irrigation system performance specifications;
Provide a summary data table on the plans that includes (1) the total landscape area in square feet; (2) the
project type, i.e. new, rehabilitated, public, private, homeowner installed, etc.; (3) water supply type (i.e.
potable, recycled, well); and (4) overall gallon-per-minute demand of irrigation system;
Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet including the hydrozone information table and water budget
Grading, Utility, and Drainage Plans. (generally required to be prepared by a California licensed Civil Engineer)
Stormwater Requirements C.3 Checklist (available with Planning Division);
Show proposed drainage treatment control measures (if required per C.3 checklist);
Provide documentation on the project plans that show post-development drainage flow will not exceed pre-
development drainage flow;
Show the land disturbance area to determine if the project will require a Storm Water Pollution Prevention
Plan (SWPPP);
Slope calculations for hillside/severely sloped properties - see Citys Hillside Design Guidelines for formula;
Show earthwork cut and fill quantities (if applicable);
Show existing and proposed grades - contours for slopes are to be drawn at a minimum of 2-foot intervals;
Show the direction of storm water runoff and the existing facility that will receive the runoff;
Show any utilities that will be abandoned;
Show all existing and proposed utilities, including water and sewer mains, water service lines and meters,
backflow prevention devices, sanitary sewer laterals, storm lines, drains street and parking lot lighting;
Show all existing and proposed water and sewer utility easements, if applicable;
March 2020
Development Permit Application Checklist and Instructions (Continued)
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City of Hayward Permit Center 777 B Street, First Floor Hayward CA 94541 Phone (510) 583-4216 FAX (510) 583-3649
Grading, Utility, and Drainage Plans. (continued)
Show the location and width of all pedestrian and vehicular routes to the streets;
Provide documentations that shows water system will meet fire protection and domestic required flows;
Show the location of all existing and proposed street lights;
Show existing and proposed monitoring structures for each building, as applicable (required for all industrial
Show a grease control device to control fat, oil, and grease discharge from any food service establishment if
applicable. Show the size, location, and plumbing calculations for the grease interceptor that will be installed.
Transportation and Traffic. (generally required to be prepared by a California licensed Civil or Traffic Engineer)
On-site and Off-site Signing and Striping Plans in accordance to the latest edition of Caltrans Standard Plan
Drawings and California Manual Uniform of Traffic Control Devices and Haywards 2017 Standard Details;
Turning Analysis using a WB_50 vehicle through the AutoTurn software;
On-site and Off-site Outdoor Photometric Analysis and Lighting Plan in accordance to Hayward's 2017
Standard Details sheet SD-120 for lighting requirements;
City of Hayward Standard Details:
Subdivisions and/or Property Boundary Adjustments. Projects adjusting property boundaries and/or including
subdivisions (i.e. Tentative Maps, Final Maps, Lot Line Adjustments, Certificates of Compliance, or Lot Mergers)
shall contact the Citys Development Review Engineer at (510) 583-4200 for additional submittal requirements.
Tentative Map Application Instructions and Checklist (available with Planning Division)
Other Items, as applicable. Consult with a City Planner to determine which items may be required for your project.
Photo-simulations, renderings, colors and material board (boards shall be no larger than 11 x 17”);
Sewer and Water Studies and/or Fees may be required - Contact Public Works & Utilities Department at
(510) 583-4715 prior to commencement of impact study.
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (contact Fire Department at (510) 583-4924 to check if required);
Chemical Inventory Sheet (contact Hazardous Materials at (510) 583-4924 to check if required);
Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) Report (contact Fire Department at (510) 583-4900 to check if required);
Geotechnical/Soils Report - shall be signed and stamped by licensed Professional Engineer;
Geological Investigation for Sites within Alquist-Priolo Fault Special Study Area (shall be peer reviewed by
City - contact Public Works Department at (510) 583-4762 prior to commencement of any investigation);
Traffic Impact Analysis in accordance with City of Hayward Interim Traffic Study Guidelines (www.hayward- Contact Public Works Department at (510)
583-4781 to confirm scope of work prior to commencement of analysis.
March 2020
Development Permit Application Checklist and Instructions (Continued)
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