CCS Web Hosting Service Agreement
This is an agreement between CCS and the Applicant's Department (as recorded below). In exchange for acceptance of this
agreement by Applicant's Department, CCS offers the Applicant's Department web hosting including Cold Fusion web application
hosting. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which this service is offered. CCS has prepared this agreement
to promote a common understanding with our users about two key issues
1. Limitations on the scale of the web hosting service and
2. Rules of conduct that must be followed by content and application developers, to help ensure the reliability of the service.
The web hosting servers are shared resources, and the actions of one website developer has the potential to interfere with the
availability of the service to others. CCS will act to protect the general availability of the service, and reserves the right to deny or
suspend web hosting service for specific account holders, in cases where an account holder's actions may compromise the
overall availability of the service. Users are responsible for sensitivity of the information stored in web-accessible databases and
scripts. CCS staff will be available to discuss any security concerns you may have.
As part of this service, CCS agrees to:
Provide web hosting access to the Applicant's account as recorded below.
Provide this account with access to online documentation for the service.
Reserve regular maintenance windows for the web hosting service on Tuesday and Thursday morning between 6:00 AM
and 8:00 AM. If the servers do need to be taken off-line for maintenance, CCS will do its best to schedule this
maintenance during the maintenance windows, and provide notice via email to account holders; it is the applicant's
responsibility to keep the contact information current. CCS reserves the right to execute maintenance and service tests
on the staging server outside of these maintenance windows.
Set reasonable service constraints, e.g., script execution timeouts, so that individual applications do not consume
disproportionate resources.
Provide Applicant's department with storage for the content of its web site, including web pages,
Cold Fusion templates, images and databases. Access databases are currently restricted to a maximum of 250 MB.
Respond, during university business hours, to telephone and e -mail reports of problems with the application servers,
through the CCS Help Centre (ext. 58888).
CCS does not:
Guarantee 24 x 7 availability of the web hosting service although, except for planned or emergency outages for
maintenance, we will do our best to keep the service available.
Provide hosting for applications involving collection, transmission or storage of personal financial data, for example, credit
card numbers.
As a participant in the web hosting service, the applicant's department and any users of the
Applicant's account agree to:
Confirm the Registered owner of the organizational account and the Primary user and notify CCS of any changes in
writing. The Primary User is the authorized on-campus contact for this account and its web content. Any requests to CCS
must be submitted by the Registered owner or the Primary user.
Be responsible for all development and maintenance of web content and databases in their directory and any
subdirectories, even if the file ownership of those subdirectories was delegated to other users.
Respect limits on the scale of applications, and abide by the service storage quotas.
Develop applications and databases on the designated stage server and test and debug applications before moving them
to the production server.
Ensure that account activity does not have a negative effect on the Web Hosting Service.
Abide by the terms of the university's Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines ( for
the use of computing facilities.
Applicant's department and users of the applicant's account, also agree not to
Develop applications that involve personal financial data, for example, credit card numbers on the CCS servers.
Information on payment gateway is available from the Financial Services.
If you agree to these terms, please have the Registered owner and the Primary user of your organizational account sign and date
the application form, then fax (519-763-6143) or mail the application form to the CCS Help Centre.
CCS Web Hosting Application Form
Complete the following form and deliver to the CCS Help Center via campus mail or Fax (519-763-6143).
Requested Directory (1)
Organizational Central Login ID
Registered Owner Name (3)
Central Login ID
Phone Number
Primary User Name
Central Login ID
Phone Number
Approved By Webmaster (2)
(1) Each website must have a directory associated with it.
(2) Websites residing in a top-level directory like must be approved by the UofG Webmaster prior to
submission of this agreement. Websites placed in do not require U of G Webmaster
(3) The Registered Owner is the owner of the organizational account. Please, check with the CCS Help Centre if you do not know
who that is. The Primary User is typically the main developer using this web hosting account.
Additional Comments or Requests (CCS Use Only)
Recieved By
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