Earn money with your COMPUTER or SMARTPHONE!
NO qualification OR experience needed!
EASY to follow Step-by-Step instructions!
Earn up to R400 per day with valid effort!
Income GUARANTEED with a valid effort on your side!
We have created and perfected a unique system for all South Africans to earn money from home.
We will give you access to a system where you will copy and paste given information into online
forms. Just hit the submit button and your forms will start generating sales and you start earning!
In addition YOU as a member will be able to create a passive income system for
yourself. It may be possible to stop working after 6 months and then still be earning an
income for years after. The process is simple. You complete worksheets by hand,
computer or smartphone. Submit your finished worksheets and we will do the rest. The
worksheets you complete will generate debit order instructions from which you will
earn a passive income.
Active members will also earn a subsidy benefit and an advance payment of R4000.
Contact us to find out how to become an active member
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Postal Address: Private Bag X9, Flamwood, 2572
Physical Address: STARGATE BUSINESS CENTRE, 20 Buffelsdoorn Ave, Klerksdorp, 2571
Fax: 086 654 5312 Website: www.tissa.co.za
I am earning
per day with
Data Entry!!
Join a South African REGISTERED,
Data Entry Made Easy
Gauteng & National: 011 083 9919 Cape Province: 021 813 6983
KwaZulu-Natal: 031 813 5790 Support Email: support@tissa.co.za
Since 2004
now Supported!
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Keep in mind that the table above is a passive income. For example when you have reached an income
level of R12000pm and you stop working you will keep on earning R12000pm for some time afterwards.
For as long as the debit orders instructions that are allocated to you are active you will receive the money
month after month by doing nothing at all.
It may happen that some of the debit order instructions that your worksheets have generated can become
inactive over a while. This implies that from time to time you will have to submit a few worksheets again to
keep you active debit order at the desired level of income.
The level of income that you want to achieve is totally up to you!
Visit our Facebook page for existing member’s latest comments:
Earn money with our Data Entry COPY & PASTE system.
This is such an easy way to make money online. You don't need any Special Skills or Experience. All you
need is your computer or smartphone with internet access, and our exclusive easy Step-by-Step tutorials
inside our members area! Don’t worry if you do not have a computer or smartphone with Internet access.
You can visit your nearest Internet Café or begin to work by hand and complete worksheets without a
computer. Work whenever you want, where ever you want! If you're a night owl, you can work in the
middle of the night. It's completely up to you! You work when it's convenient for you. Most people work
for 1-3 hours per day and make great money doing so. By generating only one sale per day you can expect
to earn AT LEAST R12000pm with a valid effort.
Copyright © 2004-2017 The Income Solution SA CC 2004/079529/23
I had no computer experience and the Data
Entry Made Easy turned me into a financially
independent man. Thank you Income Solutions!
My wife and I work together on the Data Entry
Made Easy. We love the time we can spend with
Sam while working at home.
I’m earning money with my smartphone in
my free time. I enjoy the Copy and Paste
system very much. It is a nice extra income
for me. Thank you!
R 0,00
R 2 000,00
R 4 000,00
R 6 000,00
R 8 000,00
R 10 000,00
R 12 000,00
R 14 000,00
R 16 000,00
R 18 000,00
Income 1st
Income 2nd
Income 3rd
Income 4th
Income 5th
Income 6th
Avarage income with valid effort from 1 to 6 months.
D.O. Month 1 D.O. Month 2 D.O. Month 3 D.O. Month 4 D.O. Month 5 D.O. Month 6
“How does this system work?”
When you join our unique copy and paste system, you'll get instant access to the
Step by Step Tutorials in the exclusive members area. This access is good for life,
so you'll have an incredibly simple way to make a never ending stream of money!
It's constantly updated, so you'll be sure to always have all the latest info.
Once inside you'll be given access to a massive database of companies that need
you to fill out forms for them. There are literally thousands of companies to choose
from. You can browse through the list and pick the companies you want to work
with. We will also give you access to updated info so that you will be able to choose only the best companies
to work with. Keep in mind, that there is no approval process and it's completely free to work with these
companies! All our members get accepted! They NEED people like you to fill out these forms.
You can really be making money within only 60 minutes!
Next you'll create your accounts to submit data online. We provide all the info you need
to submit these forms. You'll just copy and paste the info we have in the members area
into the forms on these websites. It’s so easy anybody can do it. Once you submit one
form, you can start on another. You can do this anytime. The more forms you submit, the
more sales you can generate! It's really that easy!
(We supply you with the info, you just COPY and PASTE)
We supply you with the info; you just
have to COPY and PASTE!
Description line 1:
Description line 2:
Display URL:
Destination URL:
These companies need people like you to fill out the forms because it helps them to spread the word about
their products or services. When you fill out these forms, you'll be helping them get new leads and ultimately
sales and they'll pay you for it. We'll show you which forms to fill out that make you up to 75% of the money
generated. All money earned will be deposited directly into your South African bank account! There is no
easier way to make money online, than with our unique copy and paste system!
“How and When Will I Get Paid?"
As soon as you join our unique copy and paste system, you will create your account
to track how much money you have made. You can login 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week to see how much you'll be paid. Your earnings are accumulated during the
month and then paid to you at the end of the month. The more forms you submit,
the more sales you will generate, the more money you will make. Members report
making between R350-R400 by only generating one sale per day!
Copyright © 2004-2017 The Income Solution SA CC 2004/079529/23
Anytime you want to submit forms for a different company,
you just browse through the various online catalogues and
pick the ones you want. It's 100% free to work with these companies!
“Just Follow These 5 Simple Steps
to Make Money Entering Data From Home!
Step 1: Choose the companies you want to work with from the online
catalogue. Tens of thousands to choose from! Instantly start working. There's
no approval process for our members. You'll never be turned down!
Step 2: Login to your online account. From there you access the simple
data forms to fill out.
Step 3: Copy and paste the data we provide into the forms. We give you
all the text you need to enter into the forms. You just need to copy it in.
Step 4: Submit the forms. The more forms you fill out, the more sales you
will generate the more money you will make.
Step 5: Sit back, relax and track your income. You will be able to monitor
your income in detail via your account control panel.
You will have full access to our HELP DESK.
We are with you every step of the way!!!
Copyright © 2004-2017 The Income Solution SA CC 2004/079529/23
Telephonic, LiveChat and
Email support to ensure
Available to SA
and neighbouring
We are here to HELP YOU! No problem is too big or too small!
All support available in ENGLISH and AFRIKAANS
Can Anyone Do This?
If you have a Computer or a Smart Phone with internet access
(500MB per month) and you can follow step-by-step
instructions, then YES you can do this! You will NOT need any qualification or experience as
our step-by-step instruction is very simple and easy to follow. This is a rock solid way to
make money online. You will be working with a registered, professional company. Your
success is GUARANTEED!!!
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to pay upfront? Can’t you deduct the fee from my first income?
We need to charge a membership fee because you will have access to extensive support. This type of
support is an expensive service and we need to cover our expenses. We have a business to run and we
need to pay our research team and webpage designers that make sure our website
are updated with the latest content. As you will have access to all these services and
we have no guarantee that you will start working we cannot offer this opportunity
to you without a small upfront payment.
Why don’t you need my banking details at this stage?
You will supply us with your banking details when you submit your first work.
Banking details can be changed at any time.
How do I know that this is for real?
We are a fully registered business since 2004, Reg. nr: 2004/079529/23. When
working with a registered business you are guaranteed that we cannot disappear
with your money and that you will receive everything as advertised. We only offer real income
opportunities with proven success. Visit our Facebook page for existing member’s comments.
I want to become a Member TODAY!!!
You will get access to our unique online copy and paste system PLUS you can complete
worksheets by hand for a small once off fee of only R440.00!
That is only R440 for lifetime access to the Data Entry Made Easy Membership!
*If you have followed our 5 easy steps daily and you
earned less than R1500 in your first 14 days you will
get a FULL REFUND!!!
To ensure every member’s success you will also have full access
to online video training. Sit back and relax while we
show you exactly what to do!
Copyright © 2004-2017 The Income Solution SA CC 2004/079529/23
For any in bank cash deposits add an additional R40 to your payment
You can deposit the R440 into our bank account (we prefer electronic transfers) or pay with Postal Order or
Cash (remember to register your post!). For direct deposits remember to use your SURNAME as deposit
reference. For faster response fax or email your order form with proof of payment. Your order will be
ready to ship within 2 working days 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation SMS once your package is
ready to ship.
Please complete the order form and send it with your payment / proof of payment to:
Fax: 086 654 5312 Email: orders@tissa.co.za
Account Name: The Income Solution SA
Code: 632005
Type: Cheque Number: 407 8866 844
DataHub Order Form
Title: _______ Initials: ____________ Surname: _________________________________
Postal Address: _______________________________________ Postal Code: __________
Delivering Options:
Email (24 hours) R0 (free) Email:______________________________________ (ALL Countries)
Ordinary mail without tracking number (5-15 days) R30 (SA only)
Registered mail with tracking number (5-15 days) R50 (SA only)
Speed Service (1-2 days) R90 (SA only)
Post Office for collection (Speed Service Only): ___________________________ Postal Code: ___________
Included is my payment of R440 PLUS R _______ extra for delivery.
I paid by Cash Deposit / Internet Transfer ABSA FNB
Cell: __________________________ Email: ____________________________________
Date: _________________________ Signature: ________________________________
Your SMS confirmation will be sent to this number!
Account Name: The Income Solution SA
Code: 250655
Type: Cheque Number: 62 3333 49901
Please activate my VIP membership at only R79pm (optional) YES NO
If YES your bank account will be debited by Sagepay on the 1
working day of every month with an amount of
You may cancel the debit order and VIP membership at any time, giving 30 days’ notice if you earned less than
R12000 in your first 6 months with the VIP membership.
With VIP Membership you will receive My @Home Career PLUS Survey365 access with your DataHub
package. (See last page for details)
Account Name: __________________Bank: _____________ Account nr: _________________________
6 Digit Branch Code: _________________________ Account Type: ________________________
EASY ORDER: If you cannot email/fax this order form just send a normal
email message with the info we need (see below). Remember to include the
date and reference of your payment.
For any in bank cash deposits add an additional R40 to your
*By completing this form you agree that you understand and accept our terms and conditions
EXTRA income opportunity to VIP Members!
CREATE 3X Income Streams!!
What you get extra as a DataHub VIP Member:
Begin Your Work-From-Home Career Today NO EXPERIENCE, NO
QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED! Earn more than R12000 per month GUARANTEED with a valid effort
of more than 3 hours per day .
1. Global Data Entry Processing 2. Traditional Online Data-Entry Clerk
3. Transcription Audio Data Entry 4. Data Collection/Researcher
5. Certified Field Auditor 6. Web Proof-reader Business
7. Content Article Provider 8. Blog Posting
9. Article Revenue Sharing 10. Response Typist
11. @Home Career Rep.
Whether you are looking for a job to earn a full-time income or just to earn an extra income to supplement your
existing income, you have come to the right place! Our members are earning money with various types of jobs from
the comfort of their own homes.
Earn Money 365 days of the year!
All MEMBERS get accepted!
THESE COMPANIES by completing easy Surveys.
Our members make money 24/7, 365 days of the year!! Complete Online Surveys for cash
and/or get advance payment of R4000 per month PLUS commission as an ACTIVE SURVEY
With VIP Membership you will receive My @Home Career
PLUS Survey365 access with your DataHub package.
Get optional VIP membership at only R79p.m.
The cost of the DATAHUB Package is R440 once off. At only R79p.m. extra you can get VIP Membership!
All our MEMBERS get accepted!!!
For full information visit www.tissa.co.za OR send an email to info@tissa.co.za OR call us on 011 083 9919
For full information visit www.tissa.co.za OR send an email to info@tissa.co.za OR call us on 011 083 9919