Occasional Licence
Why do I need an occasional licence?
You need an occasional licence under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 if you wish to be authorised to sell alcohol on a
premises that is not licensed.
Who can apply for an occasional licence?
A holder of a premises licence
The holder of a personal licence
A representative of any voluntary organisation
Making your application for an occasional licence
All applications for occasional licence should to be made at least 28 days from the date of the event.
Applications lodged later will be accepted but may not be granted due to the timescales involved.
You can apply in person at the Customer Service Centre or post your application to us at the address below, with
the appropriate fee and documents enclosed. You must answer every question on the form. If a question is
irrelevant, mark it as ‘not applicable’
What documents do I need to apply for a licence?
If you hold a premises licence or personal licence outwith Renfrewshire Licensing Board area you must
enclose a copy of that licence with each application you make.
If you are a representative of a voluntary organisation you must enclose a copy of the organisation’s
constitution with each application you make.
If the occasional licence is for an area outside you require to enclose 3 copies of a detailed plan showing
the extend of the outside area and any furniture to be used within the area. If the area is on the pavement
or road you require to contact the Roads Department and Planning Department for permission to occupy.
Application Fees
Payment is due at the time of lodging. For application fees please refer to the civic licensing application fees on
our website at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk.
No refund of application fees will be made for applications which are subsequently refused or withdrawn.
Processing the Application
When your application is lodged and the appropriate fee has been paid, a copy of your application will be sent to
Strathclyde Police and the Licensing Standards Officer who have 21 days to respond. They will carry out their
own investigations and report back to the Licensing Board. The application is also advertised on the Council’s
website for a period of 7 days for anyone to object or make a representation.
If an objection or representation is received in relation to your application the Licensing Board will give notice of
the objection or representation to the applicant which thereafter may be considered at a meeting of the Licensing
Right of Appeal
If your application is refused you are entitled to ask the Licensing Board within 14 days to give reasons for such
refusal, and you are entitled to appeal to the Sheriff Court within 21 days of the date of the decision on certain
If there is an objection to your application and the application is subsequently granted the objector can also ask
the Licensing Board to give reasons for such grant and is also entitled to appeal to the Sheriff Court.
You may wish to seek independent legal advice in relation to any appeal.
Conditions of Licence
There are mandatory conditions attached to an occasional licence if granted.
Duration of Licence
The occasional licence lasts for the period of the application or such shorter period as the Board may determine.
Issue of Licence
Once you are in receipt of your licence this requires to be displayed on the premises for the duration of the event.
Any Further Questions
Should you have a query that is not covered in these guidance notes please feel free to contact the licensing
section for further information.
Contact Details Customer Service Opening Hours
Phone: 0141 842 4499 Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm
Fax: 0141 840 3566
Email: licensing.cs@renfrewshire.gov.uk
Website: www.renfrewshire.gov.uk
Or write to:
Renfrewshire Licensing Board
Licensing Section
Renfrewshire House
Cotton Street
Application for occasional licence
Before completing this form please read the guidance notes at the end of the form.
If you are completing this form by hand please write legibly in block capitals. In all cases
ensure that your answers are inside the boxes and written or typed in black ink. Use
additional sheets, if necessary.
You may wish to keep a copy of the completed form for your records.
1. LICENCE DETAILS (see note 1)
Premises licence number (if applicable)
Personal licence number (if applicable)
Name of voluntary organisation (if applicable)
TITLE (delete as appropriate): Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other (please state)
DATE OF BIRTH Day Month Year
Post town Post code
E-MAIL ADDRESS (if you would prefer us to correspond with you by e-mail)
Description of premises
Description of activities to be carried on in the premises
Full postal address of premises which this application refers to
5. Is alcohol to be sold on & off the premises YES/NO* - Provide relevant details as to hours requested
when alcohol will be sold on/off the premises-* delete as appropriate
Times for sale of alcohol for consumption on
Times for sale of alcohol for consumption off
Statement of the times at which any activities other than the sale of alcohol will be carried on in the
6. CHILDREN (see note 2)
This section must be completed where alcohol is for sale for consumption on the premises
Are children or young persons permitted entry? Yes No
(if answered yes the remainder of this section must be completed)
Ages of children or young persons permitted
Times at which children or young persons
permitted entry
Parts of premises to which children or young persons permitted entry
I have
Please tick yes
Made or enclosed payment of the fee for the application
8. Signature and declaration by applicant (see note 3)
The contents of this Application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
1. Section 56 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act provides that only:–
The holder of a premises licence;
The holder of a personal licence; or
A representative of any voluntary organisation
is eligible to apply for an occasional licence
2. Where alcohol is to be sold for consumption on the premises, the Act requires that a
clear statement be made as to whether children or young persons are to be allowed entry
and, if they are, a statement of the terms on which they are allowed entry
3. Data Protection Act 1998
The information on this form may be held on an electronic register which may be available
to members of the public on request.
4. Information on the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 is available on the website of OPSI
National mandatory licence conditions:-
(introduced by section 60(1))
1In this schedule, “the premises” means, in relation to any occasional licence, the
premises specified in the licence.
Compliance with licence
2(1)Alcohol may be sold on the premises only in accordance with the terms of the
(2)Nothing in sub-paragraph (1) is to be read as preventing or restricting the doing of
anything referred to in section 63(2).
3Any other activity to be carried on in the premises may be carried on only in
accordance with the description of the activity contained in the licence.
Authorisation of sales of alcohol
4(1)The condition specified in sub-paragraph (2) applies only to an occasional licence
issued to the holder of a premises licence or personal licence.
(2)Every sale of alcohol made on the premises to which the licence relates must be
authorised (whether generally or specifically) by the holder of a personal licence.
Voluntary organisations
5(1)The condition specified in sub-paragraph (2) applies only to an occasional licence
issued to a representative of a voluntary organisation.
(2)Alcohol may be sold on the premises only at an event taking place on the premises
in connection with the voluntary organisation’s activities.
Pricing of alcohol
6Where the price at which any alcohol sold on the premises is varied—
(a)the variation (referred to in this paragraph as “the earlier price variation”) may be
brought into effect only at the beginning of a period of licensed hours, and
(b)no further variation of the price at which that or any other alcohol is sold on the
premises may be brought into effect before the expiry of the period of 72 hours
beginning with the coming into effect of the earlier price variation.
Irresponsible drinks promotions
7(1)An irresponsible drinks promotion must not be carried on in or in connection with
the premises.
(2)Subject to sub-paragraph (3), a drinks promotion is irresponsible if it—
(a)relates specifically to an alcoholic drink likely to appeal largely to persons under the
age of 18,
(b)involves the supply of an alcoholic drink free of charge or at a reduced price on the
purchase of one or more drinks (whether or not alcoholic drinks),
(c)involves the supply free of charge or at a reduced price of one or more extra
measures of an alcoholic drink on the purchase of one or more measures of the drink,
(d)involves the supply of unlimited amounts of alcohol for a fixed charge (including
any charge for entry to the premises),
(e)encourages, or seeks to encourage, a person to buy or consume a larger measure
of alcohol than the person had otherwise intended to buy or consume,
(f)is based on the strength of any alcohol,
(g)rewards or encourages, or seeks to reward or encourage, drinking alcohol quickly,
(h)offers alcohol as a reward or prize, unless the alcohol is in a sealed container and
consumed off the premises.
(3)Paragraphs (b) to (d) of sub-paragraph (2) apply only to a drinks promotion carried
on in relation to alcohol sold for consumption on the premises.
(4)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations modify sub-paragraph (2) or (3) so as
(a)add further descriptions of drinks promotions,
(b)modify any of the descriptions of drinks promotions for the time being listed in it, or
(c)extend or restrict the application of any of those descriptions of drinks promotions.
(5)In this paragraph, “drinks promotion” means, in relation to any premises, any
activity which promotes, or seeks to promote, the buying or consumption of any
alcohol on the premises.
Provision of non-alcoholic drinks
8(1)The conditions specified in this paragraph apply only to the extent that the
occasional licence authorises the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises.
(2)Tap water fit for drinking must be provided free of charge on request.
(3)Other non-alcoholic drinks must be available for purchase at a reasonable price.
Additional licence conditions imposed by the Licensing Board