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To: Renfrewshire Council, as the Licensing Authority under the
Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963
For: Renewal of a licence to keep an animal boarding establishment
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arrangements which have
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1. Licences are given for a period of 12 months.
2. All licences expire on 31
December each year by law. Renewal of the licence for a further 12 months will be offered by
the Council unless there are good reasons not to do so. Such reasons could include previous failure to comply with licence
3. Renewal applications are sent out approximately two months prior to the expiry date of the existing licence.
4. Council Officers will endeavour to provide assistance to enquiries in relation to licensing issues.
5. It is normal practice for Officers to ask for improvements, should there be any required. Where there are several items in
need of attention and they are considered to be of significant importance then a re-inspection may be carried out. Should
there be repeated failures to carry out required improvements then licences may be refused or revoked.
6. Applicants are advised that the licence process can take up to 3 months due to the involvement of Veterinarians.
1. If any condition subject to which the licence is granted is contravened or not complied with the person to whom the licence
is granted shall be guilty of an offence.
2. Any person convicted of an offence under this Act is liable to a fine; furthermore the court which convicts any person of an
offence under this Act or related legislation may also cancel the licence and impose a period of disqualification.
3. The expression "the keeping of a boarding establishment for animals" is, subject to certain provisions, to be construed as
meaning the carrying on at premises (including a private dwelling) of a business of providing accommodation for other
people's animals.
4. Any of the Council's officers or any Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinary Practitioner may, if authorised do so by the Council in
writing, enter and inspect at all reasonable times any premises as respects which a licence has been granted and any
animals found thereon or anything therein, for the purpose of ascertaining whether an offence has been or is being
committed under the Act.
1. The number of animals accommodated at the establishment at any one time shall not exceed the agreed amount of cats
and/or dogs stated on the licence.
2. Animals must at all times be kept in accommodation suitable as respects construction, size of quarters, number of
occupants, exercising facilities, temperature, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness.
3. Animals must be adequately supplied with suitable food, drink and bedding material, adequately exercised and (as far as
necessary) visited at suitable intervals.
4. All reasonable precautions must be taken to prevent and control the spread among animals of infectious or contagious
diseases, including the provision of adequate isolation facilities.
5. Appropriate steps must be taken for the protection of animals in case of fire or other emergency.
6. A register must be kept containing a description of any animals received into the establishment, date of arrival and
departure, and the name and address of the owner, such register to be available for inspection at all times by an officer of
the Local Authority Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinary Practitioner authorised under Section 2(1) of the Animal Boarding
Establishments Act, 1963.
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