Cerritos Community College District
All full-time faculty employees who meet requirements for advancement to another Column
on the salary schedule effective the subsequent Academic Year* must complete and submit
this form. There is no need to complete this form for step or longevity increment
Name (First MI Last)
Employee ID Number
Email Address
Phone Number
I have completed, or plan to complete, sufficient coursework to qualify for advancement on the
salary schedule to Column _______, effective the ____________ Academic Year.* I will submit
required documentation to support this request.
*It is required that official transcripts verifying appropriate coursework be submitted to the
Human Resources office by the following dates:
Faculty employed on a 10-school month or a greater than 10-school month contract
basis (i.e., 11- or 12-school month contract): Verification must be received not later
than July 1, in order for the advancement to be effective July 1 of that contract year;
OR not later than September 1, in order for the advancement to be effective
September 1 of that contract year.
Units for advancement across the basic salary schedule must be semester units of
credit. Quarter units must be multiplied by 0.667 to determine their semester unit
Reference: CCFF Bargaining Agreement, Appendix C
Original: Personnel File
HR Request for Column Advancement (Revised 2/2018)