Cerritos College
Employee Name: Date:
Requested Title:
Supervisor Name: Department:
Organization Review organization chart and confirm reporting structure and staffing. (Have there
been any changes to the staffing or reporting structure?)
Gradual Evolution of Key Duties
Review the key work duties defined by employee and elaborate (include additional pages as needed).
Has the position evolved?
Where did the duties come from?
Over what period of time?____________________________________________________________
Are the changes, if any, a permanent reassignment of duties? If not explain.
What percentage of time is spent on these duties? ________________________________________
Is the employee performing duties that exceed the level of their current classification and/or the
classification of others in the department? (1) Why did change occur? 2) Where did the duties come
from? I.e. law change, reorg., redistribution of duties, etc.)
Does this position have similarities to other positions or would you compare it to another position?
(What position and why?)
Independence/Decision Making/Leadership
Has the employee’s level of independence changed? (i.e., Decision making, accountability, greater
freedom to act) Please explain.
How is the work assigned and/or reviewed? (Look for whether or not there is more responsibility,
whether there are strong guidelines; manuals; creativity)
Level of Responsibility
Have these additional duties changed the employee’s level of accountability? If so, how? What is the
impact of the additional duties?
Lead Responsibility
(Lead test: 1. Provides input for evaluations; 2. Provides work direction & guidance to others)
Does employee lead or direct the work of others? _____________________________________
If so, who/what/how/when/where? How often? And how many? Please give examples.
How is this different than before?
What additional training did the employee complete in order to perform the duties that the employee
has identified as outside the scope of their current classification?
How much training and what type of training was required? (i.e., Formal education, hands-on training,
classes, workshops, etc.)
Is ongoing training essential to maintaining proficiency with the job or technology?
If technology related What does the new technology allow the employee to do that they were not
doing before? How long did it take to learn?
Is the employee using technology beyond its intended use? Please explain.
Body of Knowledge
If the current incumbent were to leave this position, how would you advertise to fill the vacancy?
(What knowledge, skills, and abilities would be most critical?)
What percentage of the original job description if any would need to be re-written or updated?
Reclassification Request
What job title do you feel is appropriate for this position? What are you basing that recommendation
on (other similar positions at the college, etc?)
Is there anything else that we should know as it relates to this reclassification request that we
haven’t already addressed?