City of Cayce Façade Improvement Program Guidelines
The City of Cayce’s Façade Improvement Program encourages the revitalization of and reinvestment in the
commercial corridors of Knox Abbott Drive, State Street, Frink Street, Charleston Highway, and Airport
Boulevard. This program provides up to $5,000 in reimbursable grant funds to finance exterior improvements to
a property owner or tenant's commercial building that will be aesthetically pleasing and complimentary to local
design guidelines or concepts acceptable to the City. The program is designed to retain and attract businesses,
strengthen the City’s Commercial corridors, increase utilization of those commercial buildings, restore economic
vitality and enhance property values. The program is a 50/50 match reimbursement grant program and shall be
administered on a first come first serve basis, until available funding is expended. A formal grant application
must be completed and submitted for a grant reimbursement to be considered.
The façade improvement program focuses on the commercial areas of the City: Knox Abbott Drive, State Street,
Frink Street, Charleston Highway, and Airport Boulevard. Applicants should refer to the program map to
determine if they are eligible.
Improvements must be made to the exterior of the building, be visible to the general public, and visually
enhance the building or its property. The following expenses are eligible for this grant program:
Exterior signs
Façade improvements
Awnings, canopies, sunshades etc.
Outdoor lighting
Painting or exterior surface treatment
Masonry/Carpentry repairs
Iron bar removal/disposal
Architectural features
Entrance improvements (building/parking lot)
Restoration of historic features
Storefront modification
Windows and doors (removal/replacement)
Full-scale landscaping plan
Once the application has been approved by the City, it will be reviewed by the Façade Improvement Grant
Program Board, consisting of the City Building Official, Fire Marshal, Planning Director, City Engineer, and a
member of the Planning Commission. Board approval must be given before a grant can be made. Grants up to
$5,000 per property will be given within 30 business days after all copies of invoices, receipts and cleared checks
have been received. To be eligible for these funds, the applicant must match 50% of the grant amount. For
example, if a property owner spent $3,000 on an approved project, they would be eligible for reimbursement of
$1,500. All improvements must be made within one year. The City will only cover material costs and labor
expenses conducted by a licensed contractor. The contractor must obtain all appropriate State and City licenses.
Contractors must obtain all necessary permits needed from the State, County, and City. If an application is denied,
written appeals may be submitted to the City Manager within 30 calendar days of receipt of such decision.
The grant application is available at Applications will be accepted until all available funding is
expended. For additional information or questions, contact Sarah Harris at 803-550-9545 or
Program may be modified to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness at discretion of City and Façade Program Board.