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Annual Property Registration Application
Property Owned: Individual Corporation Partnership Other, Please specify
Type of Property: Single Family Duplex Triplex Quadraplex
Tenancy Status: Rented Family Member
(Is there rent?) Yes No Vacant
Section I: Owner Information This section refers to the owner or owners who hold
title and is required before Registration is approved.
Section II: Management Company If a management company is responsible for the
property, complete Section II in full.
Name of Management Company:
Secondary Phone #:
Company's Address:
Primary Phone #:
Fax #:
Section III: Responsible Party A responsible party shall be provided if the owner does not
reside within a 75 mile radius of the property. SEE REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS REQUIREMENTS
Name of Responsible Party:
Secondary Phone #:
Company's Address:
Primary Phone #:
Fax #:
Section IV: Listing of All Properties List all properties. List the number of units in each
building in the associated field. If you own a rental property, the number of bedrooms and tenants are to
be listed. If anything other than a single family dwelling (townhome, duplex, apartment(s), etc…), list the
total number you own of units. Fill out a separate block for every parcel.
Please turn over.
Owner's Name:
Secondary Phone #:
Owner's Address:
Primary Phone #:
Fax #:
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Property Address(es)
Type of Building
(Single, Duplex,
Property Manager
Number of
Number of
Section V: Oath/Certification/Payment Every application shall be made under oath and
shall contain the information required to identify the owner of the dwelling(s) to be registered and
identification and contact information for any manager or other alternate contact person for the
dwelling(s). By signing and mailing this Property Registration Form you as the owner are certifying that
the information provided in this registry is true and accurate to your best knowledge.
Upon request from the City of Cayce, the owner or responsible party shall provide within 24 hours
the names and contact information for each of the of occupants, for City of Cayce use only.
Applicant’s Signature _________________________________________________________
Date: ____________________ *Late Fee: _________
*For all registrations received after May 31, a late fee of $100 will be assessed for each property. If
a late fee has been assessed, please make check payable to the City of Cayce and mail along with
the completed registration form.
Please return the completed registration form to:
City of Cayce
Planning & Development Department
1800 12
Cayce, SC 29171
Direct any questions to Monique Ocean at 803-550-9504
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