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Business License Application
For Business License Year 2020
P.O. Box 2004
Cayce, SC 29171
Business Name:
State License or Registration Number & Expiration Date:
Preferred Mailing Address:
Physical Address of Business:
Type of Business Phone Number(s):
Number of Employees
Local Contact Name:
Email Address:
Local Contact Number:
(Out of Town Businesses) Address of Job Site in City Limits:
Federal Tax I.D. Number / Social Security Number
Owner or Corporate Officer Information
Owner Name:
Phone Number:
Owner Address:
Computation of Fee
Contract Price or Estimate of Gross Income. GROSS INCOME
“Gross incomemeans the gross receipts or gross revenue of a business, received
r accrued, for one calendar year collected or to be collected from business done
ithin the City. Out of City Contractors should use the contract price for the job they
e pulling the license for. For Gross Income over $5,000,000 please contact the
siness license office for information on the declining rate.
Base Tax for first $2,000
First $2,000 deducted from total Gross Income. Apply base rate for appropriate rate
Remaining Gross Income divided by 1,000 then multiplied by the appropriate rate per
housand in corresponding rate class.
usiness License Fee
This number is calculated by adding the base tax and the per thousand amount.
Penalty % X
Penalty is calculated by determining the appropriate % (5% per month after April 30
d multiplying it by the business license fee.
Contractor Decals
X $2.00
Multiply the number of Contractor Decals by $2.00
Amuse. Machine
X $12.50 =
Multiply the number of Amusement Machine Decals by $12.50
ool Table
X $12.50
Multiply the number of Pool Table Decals by $12.50
otal Fee Due
Calculate this number by adding the Business License fee and any applicable
penalties or decal fees.
I (We) do hereby certify under oath that:
the above information given in this license application is true and correct;
that the gross income is accurately reported, without any unauthorized deductions;
that all assessments and personal property taxes on business property due and payable to the city have been paid.
I understand that this license may be denied, suspended or revoked, in addition to other penalties, for making false
or fraudulent statements in this application. It is unlawful for any person to make a false application for a business
license, or to give or file, or direct the giving or filing of any false information.
Signature Title
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Out-of-City Rates
$0 -$2,000 Minimum
Rate for gross receipts
over $2,000
$ 40.00
$2.40 per thousand
$ 50.00
$2.50 per thousand
$ 60.00
$2.60 per thousand
$ 70.00
$2.70 per thousand
$ 80.00
$2.80 per thousand
$ 90.00
$2.90 per thousand
$ 100.00
$3.00 per thousand
See individual Business in Class 8
(Contractors) Use Class 3
In order to insure proper credit to your account, you must return this application with your license fee.
Please verify all information listed and make necessary corrections where needed.
Business License Information
Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession listed in the rate
classification index portion of this article, in whole or in part, within the limits of the City of Cayce, South Carolina, is
required to pay an annual license and obtain a business license as herein provided.
The fee you will pay is based on your class code. Your business type determines your NAICS code, which indicates which
Class Code you are in for the business license. You can find a list of NAICS codes on their website, The information for business licenses is available on our web site, under the Business License section. The Business License year for the
of Cayce is June 1, 2020- April 30, 2021.
All Contractors are required to submit a copy of their South Carolina Labor License and Regulation card in order to obtain
a business license.
The first time a business license is applied for, the gross is based on the estimated gross income you anticipate in the City
of Cayce for the remaining months in our business license year.
All business licenses renew on June 1st regardless of when it was first purchased for the In-City businesses or Out-of-City
businesses that pay license fees annually. A 5% penalty per month is enforced if paid after May 31. Out-of-City businesses
and contractors are required to obtain or renew their license prior to starting any job after June 1.
When licenses renew on June 1, if you have not been in business for a full year, the total gross is calculated by taking
money collected during the portion of the year the business was open and estimating that number over 12 months.
The next year your gross is the actual total gross in the City of Cayce based on the previous calendar year as reported on
your tax return (Jan. – Dec.).
If your business had $0 income for the previous year, you are still required to renew at least for the base fee OR terminate
your business license. Income tax return is required for renewal.
You are responsible for letting us know if you have closed your business or moved. If you wish to close your
business license with the City of Cayce you will need to provide us with a written request that is signed and dated in
order to terminate your license.
You are responsible for renewing whether or not you have received
a renewal application form.
For your convenience, this application may be returned by mail or in person. Please note the rate classification printed
on your Business License application. The classification rates are as follows:
Please call for Class 8 rates or for declining rates over $5,000,000 gross receipts.
In-City Rates
$0-$2,000 Minimum
Rate for gross receipts
over $2,000
$ 20.00
$1.20 per thousand
$ 25.00
$1.25 per thousand
$ 30.00
$1.30 per thousand
$ 35.00
$1.35 per thousand
$ 40.00
$1.40 per thousand
$ 45.00
$1.45 per thousand
$ 50.00
$1.50 per thousand
See individual Business in Class 8
(Contractors) Use Class 3
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