Please complete, print and return form to the Chemistry Stockroom Staff by 10am on the day that you would like your item shipped out
PUROLATOR (Domestic) FEDEX (Intl.) UPS
Sender: ___________________________________ Lab: _______________________________________
Email: __________________________________ Extension: ____________________________________
Grant #: _______________________________________________ Date : _________________________
(Complete 26-digit coding required object code: 63501)
Approved by: _______________________________ Printed Name: _____________________________
(Authorized Signature)
Package Contents: _____________________________________________________________________
Declared value: ____________ Package Weight: ___________ Box Dimensions: ___________________
Bill to:
RECEIVER Courier Account #: _____________________________________________________
Return Authorization/Recall #: ___________________________________________
THIRD PARTY Courier Account #: _____________________________________________________
Please ensure that you label your parcels with complete to and from address.
Name: ______________________________________ Receiver phone # _________________________________
Street Address (P.O. Box not accepted): ____________________________________________________________
If you are shipping dangerous goods, including anything on dry ice, please contact Kevin Ecott at ext. 52264. He will prepare the
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Papers. If you are shipping any non-dangerous goods (other than printed documents) out of the
country, please contact They will prepare the required commercial invoice, along with the
shipping papers. Please refer to the Chemistry Stockroom Shipping Procedure for further clarification or speak to your Chemistry
Stockroom Staff (ext. 52266 or ext. 52660)
Chemistry Stockroom Courier Form
Serving the departments of:
Chemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology & Integrative Biology
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