Request to use Departmental Equipment
Non‐MCB Departmental Members are required to complete this form requesting permission from the Chair of MCB
prior to using Departmental equipment. All fields must be completed. Users must have the signed consent of an MCB
faculty collaborator in order to use and gain access to departmental equipment. Please submit the completed request
form to Jamie Jones for approval: Rm: SCIE 4482 Tel: 519
120 x53816 E
Supervisor’s Name:
Supervisor’s Extension:
Email address:
Supervisor’s Email Address:
MCB Faculty
MCB Faculty Signature:
description and
associated peripherals:
Equipment location:
Relevant Training rec’d by Jamie Jones:
Jamie Jones (signature)
The user (or Research Supervisor) must accept responsibility for any costs associated to damage of equipment and
agree to the terms of the departmental policy for access to equipment by non‐MCB users (below).
Signature of Supervisor:
Signature of User:
Permission must be obtained from the Chair’s Office prior to use of equipment. Email confirmation will be sent.
Signature of MCB Chair:
The following policy has been developed to address a significant (and growing number) of requests from non‐MCB individuals to
use equipment in MCB. The policy balances access to MCB resources with essential requirements concerning safety and security.
1. Card access privileges for non‐MCB students who are formally co‐supervised by MCB faculty will be considered upon request.
It will be the responsibility of the co‐supervising MCB faculty member involved to ensure that the student meets all MCB
safety requirements (training and practice).
2. Requests to use departmental equipment will be considered, with decisions dependent on the level of use of the equipment
within MCB. Access to the equipment will require acknowledgement and agreement to the following terms:
a) The user must have filed with the Department a “use of equipment form” (available on the MCB website). This form mus
e completed by the non‐MCB user, his/her advisor (where relevant), and the supporting MCB faculty/staff member
uipment specific training is to be coordinated by the Departmental Support Technician: Jamie Jones.
b) Use of the equipment is restricted to regular working hours i.e. 8:30AM‐5:00PM. Exceptions will be made only for
overnight runs on ultracentrifuges or similar situations where the equipment is unattended.
c) For equipment used infrequently, access to the room must be obtained via an MCB faculty member or his/her designate.
d) For individuals who use a piece of equipment on a regular basis, University ID card access may be granted for specific
rooms containing the approved equipment for a designated period of time.
e) ID card access will not be given for hallways or for MCB faculty research labs.
f) ID card access is restricted to the approved user; any instances of lending (or borrowing) of ID cards, or opening rooms
for unauthorized users, will result in access being revoked.
g) Non‐MCB faculty must confirm at the beginning of each semester that any trainees with access are still University
employees (or registered students). In the absence of this confirmation, ID card access will be terminated.
3. Decisions on requests to use equipment belonging to an MCB faculty member are made at the discretion of the faculty
member concerned. However, the access restrictions identified above still pertain and the MCB faculty member is
responsible for training and safety issues.
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