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Hazelwood Exempt
* Social Security Number is required if you are applying for financial aid but is not required for admission. Providing a Social Security Number (SSN) will, however, speed up the processing of your application
since we will not need to manually match your application with other materials such as transcripts and test scores. Supplying a SSN also ensures that you will be able to claim the Hope Tax Credit if you are
eligible on your federal tax return. Lone Star College uses the SSN for compliance with federal and state reporting requirements and has a strong commitment to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of student
records and will not disclose your Social Security Number without your consent for any purpose except as allowed by law.
Career & Technical Education / Corporate College
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Personal Enrichment
Leisure Learning Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) Member
Professional Development
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Course Selection
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Make all checks payable to Lone Star College System.
A $21 infrastructure fee is charged per semester.
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ITSCC 2100103
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Introduction to Computers
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