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Sign & Awning Permit requirements04/13
The Plan Examiners' reserve the right to call for any other additional information at time of filing.
Sign, Awning & Canopy requirements:
SIGN & AWNING CRITERIA: All applicants must complete the following check sheet with a yes or no check mark..
Sign panel or background vertical dimension not over three (feet), ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Is sign similar in size to adjacent signs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Projecting not more than 15 inches from wall------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3/8 inch diameter anchor bolts------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Light colored letters on dark background------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Colors coordinate with those on adjacent signs----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Background matches building------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sign background or letters not traffic signal red or yellow---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sign does not dominate adjacent signs--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Top and bottom of sign level with adjacent signs on building and/or adjacent building-----------------------------------------------------------------------
Signs do not cover expressive or significant architectural features of building (or over store windows).---------------------------------------------------
Mounted on front face of building-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Print Form
1. Complete and file Building Short Form (Sign, Awning & Canopy Permit Type) per General Filing Instructions.
2. Provide detailed scale drawing(s) including the height of all letters.
3. Proposed projection of wall sign or awning with details of method of attachment.
4. Elevation of building/structure front.
5. Color photograph(s) of existing store/structure front and adjoining store/property front(s).
6. Color samples of all materials to be used.
7. Site plan shall be submitted for canopy, awnings & ground signs showing projections from property lines with setbacks.
8. All Site Plan Applications shall be submitted by 4:30pm Monday, one week prior to the next scheduled Design
Review Board meeting.
9. All Sign, Awning & Canopy applications shall be submitted by 4:30pm Wednesday, three business days prior to the next
scheduled Design Review Board meeting.
10. Incomplete applications will not be placed on the Design Review Board agenda.
11. Applicants to Design Review Board shall appear at meeting held at 7:00 pm every 2nd and 4th Monday of each Month.
MEETING LOCATION: Common Council Chambers- 2nd Floor, 255 Main St, White Plains, NY 10601.
12. No Signage or Awning shall be erected until the application fee is paid in full and required permit(s) have been issued.
13. Any electrical work necessary must be done by a Westchester County Licensed Electrican under a separate Electric Permit.
14. Applicant shall file for Scaffold and/or Hoisting Permits.
15. Applicant shall file for a Steet/Sidewalk obstruction permit from the Department of Public Works for any use of the Public
right of way.