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Look Alike Affidavit 04/13
Look Alike Affidavit for One & Two Family Dwellings:
This application must be printed or typewritten and sworn to by applicant.
TO: Commissioner of Building
Building Permit Application:
Work Description:
being duly sworn, deposes and says: that he/ she is (duly authorized agent of) the owner of a building
to be erected at the above referenced site, that he/she has made a personal inspection of the site of the proposed building, and it most
nearly conforms to Case as described by the attached Location and Conditions schedule; that he/she is
familiar with the design and appearance of the buildings defined as "neighboring" in an ordinance adopted May 2, 1955 and amended
October 29,1956 and January 14, 1957; that, where necessary he/she has taken measurements as required to determine compliance with
said Ordinance and that the proposed dwelling as planned, differs from each of said neighboring buildings in at least three of the seven
respects enumerated in Section 2 of said Ordinance to wit: ( insert the three (3) subdivision numbers/ components corresponding to
the points of difference in spaces below).
House #1 House #2 House #3
House #4 House #5 House #6
House #7 House #8 House #9
Sworn to before me this _____ day of ____________ , 20___.
NOTARY PUBLIC:__________________________________
FILING INSTRUCTIONS: Applicant shall provide color pictures of neighboring dwellings with narrative ,highlighting dissimilarities
of proposed new dwelling to existing neighboring dwellings Please refer to the Location & Condition Schedule. The following are the
subdivisions/components for comparison:
1. Height of the main roof ridge, or in the case of a building with a flat roof, the highest point of the roof beams, above the elevation of the first floor.
2. Height of the main ridge above the top of plate.
3. Length of the main roof ridge , or in the case of a flat roof, length of the main roof.
4. Width between outside walls at the ends of the building measured under the main roof at right angles to the length .
5. Relative location of windows in the front elevation or in each of both side elevations with respect to each other and with respect to any door, chimney,
porch or attached garage in the same elevation.
6. In the front elevation, both
(a) relative location with respect to each other of garage, if attached, porch, if any, and the remainder of the building, and
(b) either ( i) height of any portion of the building located outside of the limits of the main roof, measured from the elevation of the first
floor to the roof ridge or in the case of a flat roof, the highest point of the roof beams.
(ii) width of said portion of the building if it has a gable in the front elevation, otherwise length of said roof ridge or said flat roof.
7. Material treatment on front exterior - a difference in material covering or building "siding" of less than fifty per centum of the area of the front elevation
shall be deemed to make buildings like or substantially like in this respect.
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