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Fence & Wall requirements 05/14
The City of White Plains does not require fence permits. However the erection of fences and wall are regulated by Section 4.4.16 of the City of
White Plains Zoning Ordinance.
Fence & Wall reguirements:
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1. Fences and wall , either individually or together, cannot exceed four(4) feet in height if located in a required "Front Yard" or in any
other required yard abutting a street.
2. Fences and walls, either individually or together, cannot exceed six(6) feet in any required side or rear yard.
3. If such fence or wall located within a required yard has finished or more attractive side, such side shall face the neighboring property
or street.
4. Electrically charged fences, barbed wire fences and other fences constructed of sharp materials are not permitted within residential
areas. Barbed wire may be permitted as part of a fence in a non-residential area provided such barbed wire is located at least six(6)
feet above ground.
5. On Corner Lots no fence, wall, hedge or planting shall be erected, placed or maintained in a residential district more than thirty(30)
inches in height when located within the triangular area formed at forty-five(45) feet from the point of the intersection.
6. All Walls over thirty inches in height shall be constructed under a Building Permit.
7. All Retaining walls shall be constructed under a Building Permit regardless of height. UPDATED 09/07.
8. Retaining walls and non-retaining walls over thirty inches in height will require signed and sealed drawings by a licensed New York
State Design Professional.
9. If more than 50% of an existing non-conforming fence side is proposed to be rebuilt due to deteriotion, damage etc., the entire
fence side shall be rebuilt in accordance with this document. The entire replacement shall occur within a period not to exceed
one(1) month. UPDATED 09/07