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Demolition Instructions 05/14
DEMOLITION INSTRUCTIONS: The Plan Examiner's reserve the right to call for any other additional information at time of filing.
Demolition Permit Requirements:
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1. Complete and file Building Short Form(Demolition Permit Type) per General Filing Instructions.
2. Licensed Electrician to file for permit to disconnect and/or put up temporary lighting for work.
3. Submit approvals from Consolidated Edison Company that gas and electric have been disconnected.
4. Submit a plot plan showing location of structure to be demolished , barricade fence, sidewalk bridge and adjoining structures.
5. Submit approvals from the Department of Public Works, for sewer and water disconnections as well a a Sidewalk Obstruction permit
when necessary.
6. If mechanical equipment ( Crane ) is to be used, a letter stating procedure shall be submitted for approval. ( Requires a Hoisting Permit ).
7. Submit detailed drawings of barricade fence and sidewalk bridge if one is required by Department of Building.
8. Upon completion of all of the above requirements a permit will be issued and given to the inspector for the job. He will deliver the permit
to the contractor at the site of the demolition and review procedures with the contractor.
9. All work shall conform to the Building & Fire Codes of the State of New York and local Codes and Ordinances.