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I, Tammy L. O’Leary, being the Deputy Treasurer for the City of Portage of the County of Columbia, State of
Wisconsin, and having access to all of the records and files in connection with special assessments for public improvements and
liens or deferred charges not on the tax roll in said municipality, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that as of the date of this form
the Common Council of the City of Portage has approved no special improvement work completed which might result in a lien,
unless listed below:
Special Assessments:
I, Tammy L. O’Leary, DO HEREBY FURTHER CERTIFY that there are no delinquent utility charges,
outstanding or delinquent bills, unpaid fees, or building code violations due the City of Portage, except as listed below:
Utility Charges:
Contact Water Dept for Balance & Final Read
Outstanding or Delinquent Bills:
Unpaid Fees:
Outstanding Orders/Violations:
The City makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy of the information provided. It is understood that the information is
issued subject to error and omissions and shall not be binding upon the City of Portage. The City agrees to provide the above requested
information only on the condition that the City, and all of its officials, agents and employees, have no liability whatsoever to any party in the
event of any error or omission in all or any part of the information provided herein. The acceptance,
use or reliance upon the information
shall constitute an express waiver of any claim against the City, its officials, agents, or employees, for any loss, damage or expense of any
kind arising or resulting from any error or omission made by the City with respect to all or any part of the foregoing information. In
accordance with Wisconsin Statutes, you are entitled to examine the public records and to verify the information to your satisfaction.
Tammy L. O’Leary, Deputy Treasurer
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