City of Portage
Street Privilege Permit
Section: 66-92
Fee: $ 10.00
Applicant: __________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Streets/Right-of-Way to be used:
__________________________ ____________ _____________
Street From To
__________________________ ____________ _____________
Street From To
Attach map of route when applicable or separate list if more streets are involved.
Purpose of Street Permit:______________________________________________________________
The applicant agrees to the following:
Indemnity Bond: The applicant must file a bond not exceeding $100,000 that will indemnify and save
harmless the City of Portage from all liability for accidents or damage as a result of operations subject to
this permit.
1. Such temporary obstruction shall cover not more than one-third of any street or alley.
2. Obstructions shall be sufficiently lighted at night so as to be in full view of the public from all
3. Sidewalk traffic shall not be interrupted, but temporary sidewalks of not less than four feet in width
guarded by a closed fence at least four feet high on both sides may be maintained during the
period of occupancy.
4. The process of moving any building or structure shall be as continuous as practicable until
completed and, if ordered by the chief of police, shall continue during all hours of the day and
5. No building or structure shall be allowed to remain overnight on any street crossing or
intersection or so near thereto as to prevent easy access to any fire hydrant.
6. Buildings shall be moved only in accordance with the route prescribed by the chief of police.
7. Upon termination of the work necessitating such obstruction, all parts of the streets, alleys,
sidewalks or public grounds occupied under the permit shall be vacated, cleaned of all rubbish
and obstructions and placed in a safe condition for public travel at the expense of the permittee.
____________________________________ ______________
Applicant Signature Date
Review by City of Portage:
______________________________ ________________________
Public Works Director Date