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City of Portage Fee: $50
115 W. Pleasant Street Date:
Portage, WI 53901 Receipt #
(608) 742-2176 Phone
(608) 742-8623 Fax
(Fees are non-refundable and due upon filing)
Revised 04/18/2017
Date of Application: ____________________________
The undersigned requests permission to keep chickens in the City of Portage.
1. Name of Applicant: __________________________________________________________
2. Address of Applicant: ____ Property Owner ____ Tenant
Phone number of applicant: ___________________________________
3. Zoning District: Available on City Website at ___________________
(Permit is only allowed in R1, R2, R3 and RT Zoning Districts)
4. Tax Parcel Number of site: 11-271- ___________________________
5. Number of Chickens to be kept: (Cannot exceed 6)
6. A
ccurate description of coop. Coop may be part of unattached yard shed or garage provided
setback requirements are met but may not be on top of a building. Can attach photo or
drawing, if preferred.
7. Coop Size: Length ___________ Width _____________
8. Size of Run attached or surrounding the coop: _____________________________________
9. Distance of Coop/Run to lot lines: _________ feet to closest side lot line ________ feet to
rear lot line (May not be closer than 15 feet to any lot line unless neighborhood approval is
received. Coop may not be placed in the front yard.)
10. Name, address and tax parcel number of the owners of each
parcel immediately contiguous to
the boundaries of applicant. (No application can be approved if 50% or more of the
neighboring properties object unless coop/run is 15 feet or more from all lot lines, in which
case this section can be omitted.)
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Parcel #11-271-
WHEREFORE, the undersigned applicant hereby states that the foregoing information and all the
attachments to this application are true and correct.
Rules per Code 6-122:
1. Roosters shall not be kept.
2. Chickens shall be kept in the covered coop or in the fenced run at all times.
3. The outdoor slaughtering of chickens in Residential Zoning Districts is prohibited.
4. A permit can be revoked for 3 violations within 12 months.
Dated: ______________________________ ____________________________________________
I am the property owner of the address listed on this application and hereby consent permission to my
tenant to keep chickens on my property.
Dated: ______________________________ ____________________________________________
Property Owner
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