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Books and Supplies Disclosure
Full Sail University includes books and supplies in tuition charges as a convenience to our students. Books and supplies
are automatically delivered to students and are included at a discounted rate. However, students may choose to opt out of
the books and supplies for their program prior to each payment period.
Students who opt out of any item are still responsible for obtaining the required course materials for their program of
study. If a student elects to opt out, the cost of the item(s) will be credited to their account.
Opt-out requests must be received prior to the semester start date. Students may not opt in to receive their books and
supplies at a later date in the semester. Once a student opts out of including the cost of books and supplies in the tuition
cost of their program, the request cannot be reversed.
A list of the total program costs for books and supplies may be found at
Notice to Student: This opt-out process only affects tuition and will not change your institutional fee that is charged for
receiving your Project LaunchBox™. There is a separate opt-out process for the Project LaunchBox™.
To opt out of the included books and supplies, students may complete the Books and Supplies Opt-Out Form found here:
By signing and submitting this form, I indicate that I have received, read, and fully understand the Books and Supplies
Disclosure and the process for opting out of the items on my program’s books and supplies list.
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