Policy on Naming Glynn County Facilities
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Glynn County Board of Commissioners
Glynn County, Georgia
Approved May 2, 2019
a. The intent of this policy is to develop standard procedures and guidelines
for the naming of facilities owned and/or operated by the Glynn County
Board of Commissioners (“BOC”).
b. For the purpose of this policy, “facility” or “facilities” includes but is not
limited to the following: parks, buildings, roadways and streets, specified
areas within County-owned property such as athletic fields or trails,
structures, meeting rooms, etc.
c. It is not necessary that every facility have a name. The naming of new and
existing County facilities is reserved for exceptional circumstances. All
names considered by the BOC should be above all significant, appropriate,
considerate, and acceptable to the citizens of Glynn County.
a. The County Manager (“Manager”) of Glynn County or his/her designee
shall recommend to the BOC the proposed name of a county facility.
b. The ultimate naming or renaming of a facility shall be within the sole
discretion of the BOC. Glynn County reserves the right to accept or reject
applications as it deems appropriate.
a. To provide an identifying name for a County facility.
b. To provide criteria for the naming a County facility.
c. To provide for citizen input into the process of naming a County facility.
d. To ensure the naming of a County facility is controlled by the BOC
through recommendations by the Manager and/or his/her designee.
Names considered should provide some form of individual identity in relation
to the following:
a. The geographic location of the facility, including descriptive names.
b. An outstanding feature of the facility.
c. An adjoining subdivision, street, school, or natural feature.
d. A commonly recognized historical event, group or individual.
e. An individual who contributed in a positive and significant way to the
betterment of the facility. For an individual’s name to be considered as a
qualifying name, the individual must have been deceased for a period of at
least six (6) months.
f. A County facility previously named after a living person shall retain the
name unless a new or other facility is acquired and will receive that name.
g. County facilities that have been named by deed restriction shall not be
considered for renaming.
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h. Naming may not conflict with public grant funding policies established by
state and/or federal grant funding programs.
i. Naming associations with tobacco and alcohol are prohibited.
a. The County will accept Applications for Naming a County Facility from
those who have an interest in naming a facility.
b. Obtain an Application for Naming a County Facility. Call (912) 554-7100
or download the application from the County website at
c. Complete the application in its entirety.
d. Include a full biography of the individual nominated (if applicable). The
application must include a written letter of support for the nomination
from the individual’s next of kin.
e. Submit application and related documentation to the Manager or his/her
designee for review.
f. If the application does not qualify for consideration, the Manager or
his/her designee will notify the applicant in writing within thirty (30) days
after receipt of the application.
g. If the application meets the County’s established qualifying names and
criteria and is recommended for consideration by the Manager, the
Manager or his/her designee will present the recommendation to the BOC.
h. The applicant will be notified by the Manager or his/her designee of the
scheduled meeting date of the BOC.
i. Applicant should be prepared to make a presentation that justifies the
recommended name at the BOC meeting.
j. The BOC shall allow for public input and comment.
k. Within sixty (60) days after the presentation, the BOC will have an official
vote at a public hearing meeting to approve or not approve the naming
The intent of naming is for permanent recognition. The renaming of County
facilities is strongly discouraged. Efforts to change a name shall be subject to
the most critical examination so as not to diminish the original justification for
the name or discount the value of the prior contributors. Facilities named for
subjects, other than individuals, may be changed in name only if the current
name is ineffectual or inappropriate.
The County will provide standard metal signs with the size and placement of
new and/or replacement signage to be determined in the sole discretion of the
County. An applicant who wishes to have another style sign must submit a
rendering for approval by the County. The applicant is financially responsible
for specialty signage.
Suggested Facility/Amenity Name__________________________________________________
Please review the Policy on Naming Glynn County Facilities prior to completing this form.
Qualification Name is Based On: Check One Only
Geographic Location (Descriptive Name)
Outstanding Feature of
the Facility
An adjoining Subdivision, Street, School, or Natural Feature
A commonly recognized historical event, group, organization
Consideration for naming after an individual must include a biographical sketch, including
evidence of contributions to the county facility
or amenity to be named, or the county system
overall. Please attach additional sheets as necessary.
Please submit a brief explanation of why you feel this would be the best name for the county
Glynn County Board of Commissioners
Application for Naming County Facilities
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E-mail Address_________________________________________________________________
I have read and understand Glynn County’s Policy on Naming Glynn County Facilities.
Thank you for your suggestion. Please submit your completed form to the address below for
consideration by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners.
Glynn County Board of Commissioners
Attn: County Manager’s Office / Administration
1725 Reynolds Street, Suite 302
Brunswick, GA 31520
(912) 554-7401
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