Court of Common Pleas
Fairfield County, Ohio
______________________________ Case No: ________________
vs. Judge: ________________
Civil Filing Categories
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Foreclosure Consumer Action
Other Real Property Administrative Appeal
Tort Action Board of Revision
Medical Malpractice Unemployment
Legal Malpractice Workers Compensation
Other Malpractice
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Product Liability Other: _______________________
Personal Injury Miscellaneous Civil:
Personal Injury- Auto __________________________________
Breach of Contract
Additional Case Information
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If yes, please list previous case number and judge: _______________________
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If yes, please list case number(s) and assigned judge(s): __________________
Is there a known conflict between any of the parties and the currently assigned judge that may
require a transfer of the case or a visiting judge? Yes No
If yes, please explain: ______________________________________________
Plaintiff’s Attorney Information
Name: ______________________________________ Phone: ____________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
E-Mail: _____________________________________