Baldwin County Department of Archives and History
Date: _____________________________
Please answer the questions in Section A & B as completely as possible. You may use the back of this page, or
an additional sheet of paper if necessary.
SECTION A: IDENTIFICATION OF DONOR (To be completed by the donor)
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone Number:_________________________________________________________
E-mail address: ___________________________________________@ ________________. _____________
SECTION B: IDENTIFICATION OF DONOR (To be completed by donor)
Who owned or created it?
Are these originals or copies (please circle one)?
Describe the material/what can you tell us about the history of the item(s)? Type of material, how it was used,
does it cover a particular subject, etc. (Please provide any supporting documentation)
Dates of the material(s):
Number of items or boxes:
Condition of the item(s):
___ Excellent
___ Good
___ Fair
___ Poor
___ Very Poor
Hs the material been subjected to adverse environment/storage conditions such as extreme heat or cold, pests,
mildew, cigarette smoke, fading from exposure to light? If so, explain:
Is the material being:
___ temporarily deposited with the department during the evaluation process.
___ in the current owner’s possession? What arrangements will need to be made to get it to the Baldwin
County Department of Archives and History if the donation is accepted?
Is the material under copyright? ________ Yes or _______ No (Mark one)
If yes, can the donor transfer the copyright to the Department of Archives and History?
__________ Yes or ________No
Will you place any restrictions or conditions on your gift? _______Yes or _______No
If yes, please specify restrictions:
Do you wish your status as donor of this material to remain confidential?
________ Yes or _________ No
If no, may we use your name in publicity relating to new accessions?
_______ Yes or _________ No
If material is not relevant to Baldwin County, the collection may be weeded, disposed of, and/or
separated into different collections, i.e. photographs, manuscripts, artifacts, and books may be housed
separately within the building.
If in the future it is determined that material does not fit the BCDAH collecting guidelines or if BCDAH
chooses to deaccession the material, the BCDAH will follow guidelines according to Act 92-719. If the
material is offered to another institution, my approval will be obtained in advance.
Access to non-artifact material will be via department finding aids which allow researchers to locate the
material within the BCDAH collections online.
In order to make the donated material more quickly available to researchers only minimal processing
may be completed, i.e. the collection may be housed in an acid free box but it may not be fully
processed to tem or folder level.
I have read the above bulleted items and I, the donor, understand and concur with the actions.
Signature Date
Please complete and return to:
Baldwin County Department of Archives and History
312 Courthouse Square, suite 26
Bay Minette, Alabama 36507
or Fax to: (251) 580-2528
Staff use only (Director Recommends):
Accretion ____________
A gradual process in which layers of a material are formed as small amounts are added over time
Deed of Gift __________
A legal agreement to give land or property to someone without charging them any money
New Collection__________
An accumulation of materials devoted to a single theme, person, event, or type of document acquired from a
variety of sources
Letter of Acknowledgment____________
A written communication addressed to a person, company to recognize someone’s efforts towards your
Custody Transfer_______________
The archival principle that guarantee archival integrity, archival materials will either be retained by the
creating organization or transferred directly to another archival institution
Is material available for inspection __________Yes or _________ No
Location: _____________________________________