The undersigned hereby applies to the Revenue Commissioner’s Office of Baldwin County Alabama to have all
lots (owned by the applicant on October 1
of the current tax year) in the following named subdivision, assessed
on the basis of market value as reflected by current schedule for developer’s discount.
Applicant certifies that they are the original developer or purchased said development in total from the original
developer, and that they owned in excess of 20% of the lots in the following named subdivision as of October 1
of the current tax year.
The applicant is required to provide the Revenue Commissioner with a list of lots along with the
corresponding PPIN and Parcel numbers.
The applicant hereby acknowledges that developer’s discount can only be applied for the first five years of
development and must be applied for every year.
Assessed To: _________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone Number: __________________________ email address: ____________________________________
Name of Subdivision: __________________________________________________________________________
Deed Reference (if purchased in total) ____________________________________________________________
Total number of lots in Subdivision: _________ Lots owned (as of October 1): _________ Percentage: _________
Remarks: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Signature of Applicant: _________________________________
Position: _____________________________________________
Firm: ________________________________________________
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