Please identify specific examples of how the nominee achieved at least one of the criteria listed below. Use
the summary to collect your thoughts; to include any area that is not covered on the form. You may also
write a letter of nomination rather than using the separate boxes.
Note: Submission deadlines are as follows:
1st Quarter - January through March: deadline is March 24th
2nd Quarter - April through June; deadline is June 23rd
3rd Quarter - July through September; deadline is September 22nd
4th Quarter - October through December; deadline is December 22nd
Name of Nominated Employee:
Today’s Date:
Nominated Employee's Department:
Nominated Employee's Telephone Number:
Name of Nominator(s):
Nominator's Department:
Nominator's Telephone Number:
Work Relationship to Nominated Employee:
1. Significantly improves customer service or increases customer satisfaction.
2. Significantly improves work process or increases implemented procedure efficiency.
3. Takes initiative to reduce organizational barriers through activities such as mentoring, voluntarily assisting
coworkers, and participating in cross-functional teams.
4. Works to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among peers, management staff and County
5. Performs at a level above and beyond normal job requirements.
6. Summary
The Personnel Department encourages employee participation and welcomes all comments and questions in order to
enhance and develop the Employee of the Quarter program. If you would like to share your comments, please email the
Personnel Department.
You have several options for submitting your Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form.
If you have the capability to send electronically then you may do that.
If internal, the form can be sent interoffice mail, otherwise, please print the form, fill it out and mail to:
Personnel Department Director
Baldwin County Administration Building
ATTN: Personnel / Human Resources Department
312 Courthouse Square, Suite 17
Bay Minette, Alabama 36507