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Procedure 54-11:
Administering an Intradermal Injection
Objective: Administer an intradermal injection.
Equipment and Supplies: Disposable gloves; hazardous waste container; alcohol wipes;
sterile needle; sterile syringe; vial of medication; medication order signed by physician; pen
Affective Behaviors: Affective behaviors provide a professional approach to a skill that enhances
the patient encounter. These behaviors may also display sensitivity to a patient’s rights and
enhance communication. Pay close attention to these skills, which will be in bold, italicized font.
Skills Assessment Requirements
Read and familiarize yourself with the procedure. Complete each procedure within a reasonable
amount of time, with a minimum of 85% accuracy.
Use the area below for any documentation needed to complete the procedure.
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= 3–6 points
= 7–9 points
# 1
# 2
I. Preparation
1. Perform hand hygiene.
2. Apply gloves and follow standard
blood and body fluid precautions.
3. Select the correct medication as
instructed in the “three befores.
Always double-check the label
to make sure the strength is
correct, because medications
are manufactured with dierent
strengths (e.g., 1:10, 1:100, or
1:1,000 dilutions).
4. Gently roll the medication
between your hands to mix any
medication that may have settled.
Refrigerated medication can be
rolled between your hands to
warm it slightly.
5. Prepare the syringe using the
correct technique. Carefully carry
the covered needle and syringe to
the patient.
6. Warmly greet and identify the
patient both by stating his or
her name and examining any
printed identification such as
a wrist name band or medical
record. Introduce yourself to the
patient, and ask if the patient
has any allergies.
7. Tell the patient the name of the
medication and dosage that
you are administering per the
physician’s order. Explain the
process of the PPD skin test. Ask
if the patient has any questions
before receiving the medication.
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= 3–6 points
= 7–9 points
# 1
# 2
8. Select the proper site (center of
forearm, upper chest, or upper
back). (Review Figure A for
intradermal skin injection sites.)
9. Using a circular motion, clean
the patient’s skin with an alcohol
wipe. Wipe the skin with a
sweeping motion from the center
of the area outward. This prevents
recontamination of the injection
site by the alcohol wipe.
10. Allow time for the antiseptic on
the wipe to dry to reduce the
possibility of it reacting with the
11. Check the medication dosage
against the patient’s order to
determine if this is the correct time
to administer the dose (one of the
“10 rights”).
12. Remove the protective covering
from the needle using care not to
touch the needle. If you accidentally
touch the needle, then excuse
yourself to the patient. Return to
your preparation area and change
the needle on the syringe. If you
are using a self-contained syringe
and needle unit that does not come
apart, you will have to discard the
entire syringe with the medication
and start the process over again.
II. Injection
13. Hold the syringe between the
first two fingers and thumb of
your dominant hand with the
palm down and the bevel of the
needle up. Figures B–G illustrate
the steps used to administer an
intradermal skin test.
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= 3–6 points
= 7–9 points
# 1
# 2
14. Hold the skin taut with the
fingers of your nondominant
hand. If you are using the center
of the forearm, then place the
nondominant hand under the
patient’s arm and pull the skin
taut. This will allow the needle to
slip into the skin more easily.
15. Using a 15-degree angle, insert
the needle through the skin to
about 1⁄8 inch. The bevel of the
needle will be facing upward and
covered with skin. The needle will
still show through the skin. Do not
16. Slowly inject the medication
beneath the surface of the skin.
A small elevation of skin or wheal
will occur where you have injected
the medication.
17. Quickly withdraw the needle. With
the other hand discard the needle
into the sharps container.
III. Patient Follow-Up
18. Do not massage the area or place
a bandage or tape on it, because
this may irritate the site and lead
to a false reading.
19. Make sure the patient is safe
before leaving him or her
unattended. Observe the patient
for any untoward eect, such
as an allergic reaction to the
medication, for at least 20 to 30
minutes. Tell the patient not to rub
the area. Instruct the patient to
return to the oce within 48 to 72
hours for the reading of the skin
test. Make certain that the patient
understands the directions and
does not have any questions.
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= 3–6 points
= 7–9 points
# 1
# 2
20. Correctly dispose of all materials.
21. Remove and discard gloves and
perform hand hygiene.
22. Chart the medication
administration on the patient’s
record noting the time, medication
name, dosage, injection site,
route, appearance of the
intradermal site after injection, and
your name.
Points Earned
Points Possible 174 174
Percent Grade (Points Earned/
Points Possible)
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