Name Date
The information below will be carefully reviewed by the Readmission Committee. It is important that you
clearly explain and, when appropriate provide documentation for, the reason you were not successful in your
academic work. Equally important is how you have addressed these factors.
1. What were the circumstances that caused your poor performance (low gpa and/or not earning enough
credit)? Please provide documentation that would support any extenuating circumstances that you feel
were a factor in your dismissal. Do not tell us you had bad grades or a low GPA.
2. Please provide specific information regarding what you have done to remedy the situation that led to
your poor performance. Why do you think these changes will ensure your future success at SCCC?
This questionnaire, your transcript, and academic plan will be reviewed by the
Readmission Committee to determine the appropriateness of readmitting you at this time.
If you have attended any other college or academic program since being dismissed,
please provide a copy of your transcript with this form. would provide evidence that you
will be successful at SCCC in the future.
June 1, 2020