Any dismissed student who wishes to apply for readmission must go through a multi-step
readmission process. Please read this thoroughly to understand the process and the time involved
for completion. The “Readmission Application” consists of three documents: the Request for
Review for Consideration of Readmission, the Application for Readmission Questionnaire, and
your Academic Plan. Completion of the attached form is simply step one. Only students who
have a reasonable chance for success following their first semester back after readmission will be
allowed to move on to step two. Success is defined as the ability to meet the conditions for
Satisfactory Academic Progress.
Step 1 Complete the Request for Review for Consideration of Readmission neatly and
accurately and return it to the Registrar’s Office no later than August 15 (for Fall)
and December 15 (for Spring).
Step 2 A review of your request and transcript indicate the appropriateness of an
Application for Readmission at this time. You will be notified of the results.
Because of the above deadlines, if you are able to proceed, you may have to proceed
within 24-48 hours. Otherwise your application will be reviewed for the next
semester only.
Step 3 If allowed to move forward, you will need to complete Application for Readmission
Questionnaire and an Academic Plan. The Questionnaire is available in the
Registrar’s Office. The Academic Plan must be developed with an Academic
Advisor in the Advisement Center. These documents must be returned immediately
to the Registrar’s Office so they can be reviewed by the Readmission Committee.
Step 4 Wait. You will be notified by mail by the Vice President of Academic Affairs Office
regarding the outcome.
Deadlines apply.
All materials must be returned to the Registrar’s Office.
ELS 212/215
518.381.1348 or 518.381.1349
SUNY Schenectady
Request for Review for Consideration of Readmission
Name _______________________________________ Effective: Fall 20 Spring 20
ID Number __________________________________ Summer 20____
Address _____ City, State, Zip _____
Telephone __ Email ___
______ _________
_________ ____________
_________ _______________
______ ________ __
__ ______
Have you attended any colleges or academic programs since you were dismissed? Y N
Do you have any new credits to transfer in? Y N
What Degree/Certificate Program are you reapplying to? _____________________
AA AS AAS AOS Certificate
Is your intent to attend full-time or part-time? FT PT Undecided
Students applying for readmission are required to answer the following question:
Have you ever been expelled/dismissed from another college/university for
disciplinary reasons? Yes No
(If your answer was yes, you will be requested to provide additional information.)
Student Signature Date
(Return this completed form to the Registrar’s Office, Elston 212 or 215)
(Office Use Only) Received and Reviewed by Staff Member: _____________
Transcript reviewed for eligibility by ____________________ Issue: POP SP
Decision: DNQ Proceed Student Notified ____________________________
If reviewed, committee decision: Approved Denied
Signature Date
System Update: Program Status ______ Initials Date
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