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Summer 2020 Student Loan Procedures
Students need to be aware that the SUMMER 2020 semester is part of the 2020-2021
financial aid year. This means that a student loan for the SUMMER will reduce the maximum
student loan eligibility at SUNY Schenectady or any other transfer college for 2020-2021.
Example: A dependent student’s maximum student loan eligibility for the year is $5,500. The
student borrows $2,000 for the summer. The student’s maximum eligibility to borrow for the
FALL AND SPRING semesters is now a maximum of $3,500 or $1,750 per semester. This
remaining amount may not be enough to cover the tuition and fee costs for the FALL AND
SPRING semesters.
Federal Loan Maximums (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) for First Year Students:
Dependent Students - $5,500
Independent Students - $9,500
Second year students (30 credits earned) may be eligible for an additional $1,000
Students need to plan their student loan needs carefully for the SUMMER, FALL and
SPRING semesters. The amounts that a student needs to borrow for each term should be
determined prior to applying for a student loan for the summer.
Please complete the following worksheet in order to determine loan amounts for each
semester. A summer loan request will not be processed until the completed form is received.
SUMMER 2020 Loan Amount Requested $_____________
FALL 2020 Loan Amount Requested $_____________
SPRING 2021 Loan Amount Requested $_____________
Total 2020-2021 Loan Amount Requested $_____________
(Not to Exceed Annual Maximum)
This request is in addition to a previously submitted loan request
for the current award year.
By signing below, I affirm that I understand that any SUMMER 2020 student loans will
reduce my student loan eligibility for FALL AND SPRING semesters at SUNY Schenectady
and any other college that I may transfer to for 2020-2021.
_______________________________ ____________________ ____________
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