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INSTRUCTIONS: Complete and submit to the Oce of the Registrar or other designated cross-enrollment oce at your home campus
prior to the host campus ling period. You must verify admission and ling deadlines with the host campus. Aer the home campus
completes certications, seek instructor approval at the host campus during the ling period designated by the host campus. e host
campus will provide registration instructions.
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I certify that meets cross-enrollment eligibility requirements.
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I certify the information provided is accurate and that I have read and understand eligibility requirements, enrollment
conditions, and procedures as stated.
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Last Updated: March 23, 2020
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Undergraduate students enrolled in the California State University may enroll, without formal admission and without
payment of additional State University Fees, in a maximum of one course per academic term at a campus of either of
the other systems on a space-available basis at the discretion of the appropriate campus authorities on both campuses.
Enrollment in pre-collegiate courses is excluded.
A student is qualied to cross-enroll if the student has met all of the following requirements:
• Completed at least one term at the home campus as a matriculated student
• Enrolled for a minimum of six units for the current term
• Earned a grade point average of 2.0 (grade of C) or better for work completed
• Paid appropriate tuition and fees at the home campus for the current term
• Is a California resident
1. Approval for cross-enrollment is valid only for the one term specied and subject to space availability, deadlines,
registration procedures, and priorities of the host campus. You must reapply for each term you wish to cross-enroll.
2. You will not be charged additional course enrollment fees. However, the host campus may charge a $10
administration fee each term.
3. You will have to pay any additional fees required of other students (lab, materials, breakage, computer,
transcript, etc.)
4. Academic advisement is available only at the home campus.
5. Students are urged to secure approval of a home campus advisor to ensure the course meets home campus
6. Evidence of completion of course pre-requisites may be required at the time of enrollment (transcript copy or grade
7. Financial aid is available only through the home campus. Students eligible for Veterans, Rehabilitation, Social
Security, and other federal, state, or county benets must secure eligibility certication through their home campus.
Units taken at both campuses may be combined to establish nancial aid.
8. e host campus maintains records of credit earned through cross-enrollment. Students may request transcripts be
sent to their home campus.
9. Health services on the host campus are limited to treatment for emergencies.
10. Because of overlapping academic calendars, cross-enrollment is possible only in certain combinations:
Home Campus Enrollment Host Campus Enrollment
Fall Semester Fall Quarter or Semester
Spring Semester Either Winter or Spring Quarter or Spring Semester
Fall Quarter Fall Quarter or Semester
Winter Quarter Winter Quarter or Spring Semester
Spring Quarter Spring Quarter or Spring Semester
11. Participation in student activities or use of the student union at the host campus is subject to limitations set by the
host campus.
12. Parking on the host campus will be available on the basis of a term fee within campus parking availability or on a
daily fee basis.
13. Information concerning host campus identication card policies will be provided at registration.
14. Students are subject to all administrative procedures of the host campus. Note: Students must process an ocial
drop at the host campus or risk having an unsatisfactory grade recorded on their permanent record.