Two hours of hospital observation of phlebotomy and related activities are REQUIRED for
completion of ALHT 102. If the student does not do observation, they will receive an “F” in the
course. Observation is also necessary to apply for clinical training in phlebotomy.
Students are required to wear nice clothes or scrubs, white lab coat, and closed toe leather shoes.
NO BLUE JEANS or extremely dressy clothes are allowed. If the student wears jeans, he or she will
be asked to go home.
Remember, the student is there to OBSERVE ONLY, not to perform phlebotomy procedures.
The student may not question the phlebotomist. He or she is observing in the presence of a real patient.
It is advisable for the student to bring a note pad to write down any questions that should arise, and then
he or she can ask the phlebotomist the questions later.
Observation will be at Christus Schumpert. The student should arrive at his or her designated area
approximately 10 minutes before the specified time. The student should introduce his- or herself as a
BPCC student, and ask for the phlebotomist he or she should observe. The student will present the
phlebotomist with this checklist at the beginning of the time. During the course of observation, the
phlebotomist will show and/or explain each item as it applies to their particular area and INITIAL each
one. Upon completion of observation, the student should have the phlebotomist SIGN the observation
sheet in the designated space below.
_______ HIPAA information and procedure
_______ Proper patient identification
_______ Correct labeling
_______ Collection procedure
_______ Log sheet for collected specimens
_______ Transporting methods
_______ Review of various collection equipment
_______ Tour of the laboratory (if possible and with a different employee)
___________________________, a BPCC Phlebotomy student, has observed phlebotomy
procedures for two hours at Christus Schumpert on __________________________ from
(Month, Day, Year)
___________ to ____________ at _______________________________________.
(Starting Time) (Ending Time) (Location)
(Assigned Phlebotomist)
** Call Jenny Russell at 681-4227, ext. 1 and Mrs. Tully at 678-6355 as soon as possible if you cannot be at your
designated location at your designated time.