Webinar Training Form
(to be used for all on-campus employee Internet training requiring a fee)
To be completed, approved, and submitted to the Finance Department before registering for training.
Submit training information with this form.
Account Number for Training Expense: ______________ - 4409
(Make sure funds are available)
Registration Cost: _______________
Date of Training: _______________
Employee Requesting Training: ______________________________
How will this training assist BPCC?
Employee’s Signature ______________________________ Date __________________
Department Head’s Approval ______________________________ Date __________________
Vice Chancellor’s Approval ______________________________ Date __________________
Employee will be notified of approval by the Finance Department.
Reimbursement of training expense may be requested via a Check Request form with
proof of payment and training completion attached.
For Finance Department’s Use:
Approval Notification Provided to Employee via Email: Initials ________, Date _________________