Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Policy
Bossier Parish Community College is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for
individuals with disabilities and supports the use of a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) if needed. The
responsibility of hiring, training, supervising, coordinating, and compensating a PCA rests solely with
the student requiring the assistance and the entity who provides the PCA. The student is responsible
for all associated costs of having a PCA on campus (e.g. purchasing a Parking Permit for a PCA).
To request the accommodation of having a PCA, the student should complete a Disability Services
Application and follow the same policies and procedures required by all ADA students who wish to
request an accommodation. The Disability Services Office will assess the need for accommodations,
including a PCA, based on the student’s medical documentation and/or each student’s individual
circumstances when the student is requesting the use of a PCA. The Disability Services Office will
go over this PCA policy with the student and the PCA. The application process is not complete until
both the student and the PCA have reviewed and signed at the bottom of this policy. The student is
encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office with any questions about the process.
Once the application process is complete, and the student has hired a PCA, the Disability Services
Office will send out accommodation letters to notify each one of the student’s instructors about the
PCA. The Student Life Office will also be notified so that the PCA can be issued a free BPCC ID.
The student will ensure the PCA carries, at all times, a BPCC ID Card and that the PCA has a
Parking Permit and parks only in the designated areas. The student will also ensure that the PCA, as
well as alternate PCAs, follow all the rules and regulations set forth by BPCC:
The PCA will
follow all
BPCC policies and procedures while on BPCC campus and while
attending any BPCC sponsored event.
The PCA will allow the student to take responsibility
for his/her own academically-related
The PCA should refrain from contacting with or asking questions to faculty, staff, or others on
behalf of the student, unless communication is part of the accommodation being provided by
the PCA.
The PCA should refrain from
intervening in conversations
between the student and faculty,
staff, or other students,
unless communication is part of the accommodation being provided
by the PCA.
The PCA should refrain from discussing any private information about the student with
faculty, staff or student.
The student is responsible for all actions taken by the PCA. If a PCA fails to abide by this policy or is
found in violation of any BPCC policies and procedures,
be removed from
regardless of the contractual arrangement the PCA has with the student. If the student wishes to
appeal the decision of the removal of the PCA
the student should follow the appeal
located on BPCC
website at
studentconductcode/#section5 . The PCA will not have access to campus until the appeal process is
I, __ (
Student Print Name), and I, __ (PCA
Name), have read and agree to abide by the Bossier
Parish Community College Personal Care
Attendant Policy and understand that I will be fully responsible for all consequences of violating this
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