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Permit Fee:
Items Required for Permit:
Drawing of Lot, House and Fence.
Plot Planning and Zoning.
Cannot extend any further into the front yard than the house.
May not be installed in sight triangle.
May be installed in easements at your own risk.
Maximum height 8 feet.
“Good side” must be facing out (posts and horizontal supports on inside of fence).
Call 1-800-DIGSAFE or use to request utility locates.
Excavator’s license required if digging for hire with mechanical equipment.
Verify with HOA, if applicable, additional accessory building requirements.
Special Requirements for Corner Lots:
Fence setback on side lot line is 10 feet from the back of the property line.
None required.
Consultations available if questions about placement of fence. Call the office for details.
Building & Zoning Department
215 S. Broadway, Louisburg, KS 66053
913-837-5811 ·
Except as otherwise specifically provided in other codes and regulations, the following
regulations shall apply to the construction of fences:
A. No fence shall be constructed in the sight triangle.
B. No fence shall be constructed in such a manner or be of such design as to be hazardous or
dangerous to persons or animals.
C. No person shall erect or maintain any fence which will materially damage the adjacent
property by obstructing the view, shutting out the sunlight or hindering ventilation, or
which fence shall adversely affect the public health, safety and welfare.
D. No fence except fences erected upon public or parochial school grounds or in public
parks and in public playgrounds shall be constructed of a height greater than three (3) feet
in the front yard or eight (8) feet elsewhere.
E. Open fences such as chain link, slat or picket fences may be forty-two inches (42") in
height in the front yard, provided however, a special use permit is granted, according to
procedure for considering special use permits as outlined in Article 11, for the
construction of a high fence in the front yard or elsewhere.
F. Fences constructed in the side and rear yard shall not extend any further into the front
yard than the further-most projection of the primary structure on either side yard.
1. Side and rear yard fences constructed on interior lots may be constructed adjacent
to the property line.
2. Side and rear yard fences constructed on corner lots shall maintain a 10 foot
setback from the property line on the side yard adjacent to the street.
G. All fences shall be constructed with the support posts and vertical or horizontal support
members on the inside perimeter of the fence. The actual fencing material, whether it be
chain link, plastic, wood, or some other material will be placed on the exterior perimeter
of the fence.
H. A “good neighbor” fence, one in which the fencing material is mounted on alternate sides
of the support rails, is also permitted, provided that more than fifty (50) percent of the
fencing material is on the outside perimeter of the fence, and provided that all corners of
any section of fence are constructed with the fencing material on the outside perimeter of
the fence, joining at the corners.
I. No fence shall be constructed without first obtaining a fence permit from the Codes
Administrator. The fee for a fence permit shall be an amount established by Ordinance.
J. Any fence installed in a dedicated easement is done at the risk of the property owner. The
city or utility company is not responsible for repairing or replacing any section of fence
constructed in a dedicated easement when work is required to repair, replace, or service
the utility in the easement.
K. Any person obtaining a fence permit is responsible for contacting Kansas One-Call to
have the utilities marked before beginning any excavation for the fence construction.
L. Subdivision perimeter fences that are installed along multiple parcels within or adjacent
to common areas or common streetscapes shall be permanently maintained in a
configuration that ensures compatibility with all adjacent fence sections. Property
owners or homeowners associations wishing to replace dilapidated fence sections shall
ensure that all new fence sections match the same style, height, color, configuration and
alignment of pre-existing common fence. Alteration of subdivision perimeter fences
resulting in change in type of material, height, color, style or configuration shall be
subject to review of the Planning Commission.
Building & Zoning Department
215 S. Broadway, Louisburg, KS 66053
913-837-5811 ·
Date: _____________ Permit # ______________________________
Property Owner: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Property Owner Address: _________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________
Contractor: (Must be Licensed in Miami County)
Contractor Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Contractor Phone: ______________________________ Email: _______________________________________________
General: _________________________________________ Mechanical: _______________________________________
Electrical: ________________________________________ Plumbing: _________________________________________
Foundation: ______________________________________ Site Utility: ________________________________________
Roofing: _________________________________________ Fire Sprinkler: ______________________________________
Description of structure to be constructed: _______________________________________________________________
Estimated cost of new construction: _____________________________________________________________________
Size of structure: Width ____________ Length ____________ Total square footage ____________
Intended use of structure: _____________________________________________________________________________
Principal material to be used in construction: _____________________________________________________________
I, ______________________, hereby certify that the information provided herein is true and correct and that all Zoning
Regulations shall be complied with. I certify that all contractors listed above are licensed under the Miami County,
Kansas, Contractor Licensing Code. I further understand that any permit based upon false or incorrect statements of a
material fact necessary to the issuance of the permit, shall be void.
Date: _____________ Signature: __________________________________________________
Office Use Only
_____________ Site Plan _____________ Building Plans _____________ Date Paid
_____________ Amount Due _____________ Receipt #
Assigned address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
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