Complete this form to report a problem with a bridge, subway, footbridge or retaining wall.
This includes damaged fencing, undermining of bridge supports by water, debris blocking
flowing water and damage to walls from traffic accidents. Please return this completed
form to
Section 1: About the problem
Please select the type of bridge or highway structure by ticking the relevant box.
Retaining wall supports road or footpath
Retaining wall supports embankment
If other, please state type
Please describe the problem with the bridge or highway structure.
For example, damaged fencing, debris blocking water, wall damaged.
Please state the name of the street or location where the problem is.
For example, to report a problem with a retaining wall you could say, approximately 50 metres
from house number 20 opposite the junction with Smith Street.
Please return this completed form to
Section 2: About You
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Report a problem with a bridge or highway structure
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