REV 23/03/2020
Environmental Management has requested that you arrive at the vehicle
test station 10 minutes prior to your appointment time; this will assist
them to prove the relevant paperwork thus avoiding unnecessary
Environmental Management will not test ANY vehicle that does not
arrive at their specified appointment time.
It has been brought to our attention that the interior and exterior of
vehicles are not being kept in a clean condition. Environmental
Management have requested that the vehicles be washed before being
presented for testing.
Environmental Management reserve the right to refuse to test the
vehicle if presented in an unsatisfactory appearance. A fee would
be payable to re-book for the re-test on this occasion.
Please take your registration document (log book) with you, and if you
have a current MOT certificate you must present it at the test station
prior to the commencement of the MOT test.
The location of the vehicle test station is;
Environmental Management
Green Lane, Heywood, OL10 2DY
REV 23/03/2020
REV 23/03/2020
Privacy Notice (how we use your information);
Rochdale Borough Council, as the Licensing Authority, collects and records the personal data
that you provide in this form, along with any supporting documentation, in order to process your
licence application to regulate private hire and hackney carriage licensing activities within the
Borough. Appropriate measures are in place to protect your personal data. We may share your
information with other Council Services and organisations that can support our work. The
Licensing Authority is also required by law to share the data with Defra so that Defra can create
a database to support the operation of charging clean air zones by local authorities or other air
quality plans The full Privacy Notice provides information about your rights under current data
protection legislation and details what will happen to your personal data, can be found on the
Council’s website at
First Applications/Renewals
There are three stages to this application;
You will need to
1. Complete the application form
2. Produce a log book (or new keeper slip alongside a bill of sale)
3. If this is a First Application and your vehicle is SILVER you must produce the log book or
MOT at the time of application.
4. If this is a first application and the seating capacity is over 4 passengers, an assessment will
be carried out, and you will be advised of the number of passengers that you are permitted to
5. Produce proof of road tax
6. Pay the fee of £339.00
7. Produce valid insurance for the vehicle
NOTE the insurance must be in the name of the proprietor(s)
If your vehicle has tinted windows you must notify the admin staff prior to booking
in your vehicle for test
Please note: Original documents MUST be produced at every application submitted.
A receipt will be issued and a vehicle test appointment will be made
NOTE: If you fail to keep this appointment without giving 48 working hours’ notice an additional
fee of £62.00 will be charged. This appointment is unique to the vehicle that has been booked in.
Appointment cannot be transferred onto another vehicle without giving 5 working days’ notice to
the Licensing Service. Consideration will only be given to Transfer applications in your name.
REV 23/03/2020
When you have returned your pass sheet and previous plate (if applicable) to this office, a
variable information plate and paper licence will be issued to you (provided that you have
supplied all the necessary paperwork prior to attending).
If your vehicle fails the test, you will be issued with the relevant documentation at the
Test Station which will outline the reasons why. If the failure is due to MOT standards,
you will be issued with a ‘Refusal MOT test Certificate’ which again outlines the reason
for the refusal (there is important information on the reverse side of this document which
should be read).
**If your vehicle is over 5 years old and fails its test you must return the failure sheet to this
office where a refusal letter will be issued. Please read on for further information on appeals.
If your vehicle failed its test you may make an appeal at the Magistrates Court against the
decision or;
1. Request for a refund (you should receive your refund within 6 weeks)
2. Transfer your application fee to another vehicle (by doing so this will not waive your right of
appeal to the magistrates court)
You must inform the Licensing Service and complete a Change of Ownership
application if you sell your vehicle
REV 23/03/2020
Mark Widdup
Director of Neighbourhoods
Floor 3, Number One Riverside,
Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU
Tel: (01706) 924114
Fax: 0844 332 0324
Web site:
(a) Plate Number
(b) Registration Number
(c) Make
(d) Model
(e) Colour
(f) Year of Manufacture
(g) Engine Size
(h) Number of Doors
(i) Seating Capacity as insured (excluding driver)
(j) Which private hire firm do you operate from
Full / Part time
(k) Is your vehicle over 4 seats? If yes how many seats is it?
Has it been imported? If yes give details
Has it been modified after manufacture?
If yes you will need to obtain a seat belt certificate from the Vehicle Inspectorate before the
dates of your annual test. See admin staff if any more information is required.
(l) Does your vehicle have tinted windows? Yes/No
(m) Does the vehicle display any advertisements? Yes/No
(n) If yes, have they been approved by the Licensing Manager? Yes/No
(o) If yes, what are the design and the measurements________________________
REV 23/03/2020
(p) Make
(q) Model
(r) Have you changed your meter within the last 12 months? Yes/No
(s) If yes where was it calibrated
(t) Name of Insurance Broker_____________________________________________
(u) Contact Number for Broker_____________________________________________
I/We wish to apply for a licence to use the above for use as a Private Hire vehicle.
I/We declare that information I have given on this form is true, and to the best of my
knowledge is correct.
I/We will comply with any conditions, which may be attached to this licence.
I/We declare that if this application is granted the council or its Authorised Officers may
disclose to any person who claims to have been a party to an accident involving this vehicle
details as to its proprietorship and insurance.
I have read the Privacy Notice and accept its contents
Signed Date
Signed Date
Ticket Number
Receipt No & date
£339.00 fee
Rec No:
In view of the vehicle being over the recommended age limit (5 years) I understand
that the decision in respect of the fitness of the vehicle will be taken on first
inspection only and I accept that no retest will be allowed. Should my vehicle be
refused I understand I will lose an admin fee and test fee from my application.
Signed_____________________________________ Date_______________________
Witnessed__________________________________ Date_______________________
REV 23/03/2020
Approved Standards for Private Hire Vehicles
Vehicle Type
Four Door Saloon with suitable boot capacity
Five Door Hatchback Fitted with parcel shelf
Estate Luggage guard / a security blind between rear
seat and luggage area
Minibuses/MPV - **Passengers must have clear
access to all seats without having to fold or move any
other passenger seat. Seats will not be sideways facing
to the direction of travel and will comply with seat belt
regulations. The vehicle must have adequate luggage
Colour of Vehicle
Any colour except white or similar type of colour e.g.
cream, beige or silver. If in Authorised Officers opinion,
the colour would lead to a person confusing the vehicle
with a hackney carriage, then the vehicle will be refused
Engine Capacity
Minimum of 1300 c.c. Nominal (1290 c.c. upward)
Rear Seat Dimensions
There must be a minimum of 400mm (16 inches) of seat
available per person
Age of Vehicle
Normally, applications (both initial and renewal) will not
be accepted where the vehicle is more than 5 years old,
i.e. a maximum of 5 years from the date of the vehicles
first registration to date of application. For vehicles over
5 years old, applicants will be refused unless the
applicant can demonstrate that the vehicle is in
extremely well maintained condition
Fare Meters
Approved and tested fare meters to be fitted, in a
location, where the passengers may readily see the
display. Negotiated price work is still possible
Evidence of Insurance Cover
Failure to provide evidence of suitable and continued
insurance cover within the period requested, will lead to
automatic suspension and possibly revocation of the
Private Hire Vehicle Licence
Signs on Vehicles
The vehicle must at all times have displayed on both
front doors a permanently fixed vinyl door sign
complying with the following;
The name and where appropriate, the company logo
The operator telephone number
The words “ADVANCED BOOKINGS ONLY” in clear
visible letters at least 40mm high
The whole sign should be at least 600mm x 250mm
The minimum standard for the material of which the sign
Any door sign MUST be approved by this Licensing
The window screen visor sticker must comply with Road
Traffic Legislation and does not affect the driver’s area
of vision. The sticker must not encroach more than
10cm from the top of the screen, and must not be within
the sweep of the window screen wipers
REV 23/03/2020
The sign must not encroach more than 5cm from the top
of the screen. It must be a single line with either the
company logo/name and telephone number
The sign must not be more than 8cm in depth. It must
be a single line with either the company logo/name and
telephone number
Tinted Windows
If your vehicle has tinted windows please see admin
staff so an assessment of the vehicle can be arranged
Vehicle Examination - RE TEST
A Private Hire vehicle is required to have a vehicle examination on application and renewal. If
your vehicle fails the examination and it is less than 5 years old, you will be entitled to a re-test.
The examiner will list the defects on the vehicle examination sheet; when the faults have been
rectified you will need to contact the Licensing Office pay the re test fee of £62.00and obtain a
further vehicle test appointment.
Mechanical Examination - SAFETY CHECK
When the vehicle examiner has examined the Private Hire vehicle, you will be issued with an
examination sheet. If the vehicle has passed then you will need to bring it to the Licensing
Office. This sheet must be presented to the Licensing Section within 7 days of issue.
Failure to do this will result in your vehicle requiring a safety check. A fee of £62.00 is payable to
the Licensing Section for this safety check.
Vehicles over 5 years old - EXAMINATION FAILURE
If your vehicle fails the vehicle examination test then no re-test is permitted. You should present
the vehicle examination sheet to the Licensing Section. You will be issued with a refusal letter
stating the reasons for refusal. The right of appeal for refusal is to the Magistrates Court, full
details of which will be in the refusal letter.
Fire Extinguisher
A fire extinguisher must be carried in the vehicle at all times. The fire extinguisher must be
securely affixed and in such a position as to be easily available for use. The extinguisher must
be suitable for dealing safely with flammable liquid fires and fires involving electrical equipment.
The dry powder fire extinguisher must be a minimum of 1kg to a maximum of 2 kg and must
be clearly marked with the appropriate British Standards Institution specification number and
with the name and address of the manufacturer or vendor thereof. If the extinguisher is a "throw
away" type then once it has been discharged then it should be replaced immediately.
The fire extinguisher should be clearly visible to the vehicle examiner / authorised officer.
Dash Board Numbers
The plate number of the vehicle must be clearly displayed and maintained so that it can be
clearly visible at all times to the persons being carried in the vehicle.
Vehicle Test Station Address
Green Lane (Approx. 200yrds from Gregg Street, over level crossing)
OL10 2DY
Telephone Number: 01706 922031
REV 23/03/2020
Customer Notice
In the interests of safety, and to ensure quality standards are
maintained, vehicles presented for test at Green Lane test station will be
randomly selected for quality control checks after the initial test has
taken place. If your vehicle is selected, the checks to be conducted will
take approximately 15 minutes.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you in anticipation of your continuing support to ensure we are
able to maintain the quality standards expected from the vehicle test
facility at Green Lane, Heywood.
Transport and Fleet Services Manager
Environmental Management
Green Lane
OL10 2DY