Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism Last revised May 2020
Alberta Award for the Study
of Canadian Human Rights
and Multiculturalism
Value – $10,000 (Masters Level) or $15,000 (Doctoral Level)
In recognition of Alberta’s centennial and the contributions and experiences of our diverse population, the Minister of Alberta Community Development
established the Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism.
To encourage graduate studies that will create value for Albertans by promoting informed thinking about Canadian human rights, cultural diversity, and
multiculturalism. To support the pursuit of studies in Canadian human rights, cultural diversity, and multiculturalism, and building capacity to undertake
human rights or multicultural work in Canada.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicant must be:
• a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person (visa students are not eligible),
• currently enrolled as a full-time graduate student (Master’s or Doctoral level) at an Alberta public post-secondary institution,
• currently enrolled in a program of study that supports the purpose of the scholarship, and
• planning to do research that is within a Canadian context and will ultimately benet Albertans.
Note: The scholarship is only open to students pursuing graduate studies.
Selection Process
Recipients will be selected on the basis of the applicant’s information as provided on the application form, post-secondary transcript, the
essay, and curriculum vitae.
Application Process
Applicant must submit the following:
• a completed application form,
• an ofcial post-secondary transcript,
• an essay, and
• a curriculum vitae.
The essay is the most important component of the application and has the greatest impact on the selection process. Please feel free to
consult your academic advisor.
The award will be issued in March after Alberta Student Aid conrms the recipient’s full-time enrolment.
Additional Information
Two (2) awards are available each year: Master’s level award is $10,000 and Doctoral level award is $15,000.
Alberta Student Number (ASN)
Your Alberta Student Number is on your Alberta Transcript
for High School Achievement.
If you do not know your ASN, or do not have an ASN:
• Visit for instructions.
• Call toll-free in Alberta at 310-0000 to have a Request for
ASN form mailed to you. Due to privacy issues, ASN’s will
not be given over the phone.
Deadline and How to Apply
Application Deadline: January 15, 2021
Submit application to: Alberta Student Aid
Alberta Student Aid
PO Box 28000 Station Main
Edmonton AB T5J 4R4
Payment: March
Contact: Alberta Student Aid Service Centre at 1-855-606-2096
Personal, Citizenship and Residency Information
Last Name (current legal name)
First Name (current legal name)
Apartment or Box Number
Street Address (add direction, e.g. S, NW, SE, if applicable)
Mobile Number (format: 999-999-9999)
Telephone Number (format: 999-999-9999)
Previous Last Name (if applicable)
Email Address (mandatory)
IIndigenous Status:
Providing personal information on Indigenous students will
help measure the effectiveness of student nancial assistance
programs in relation to Indigenous students and to research
programs and services to improve student success rates. If
you wish to declare your Indigenous heritage, please check the
box that applies to you. NOTE: This is mandatory for awards
which require Indigenous status as part of the eligibility,
voluntary otherwise.
Social Insurance Number
Alberta Student Number (mandatory)
Citizenship Status: (check one)
Permanent Resident
Protected Person*
VISA (International Student)
*If you are a Protected Person, including Convention
Refugee, you must submit:
A copy of your Social Insurance Number card AND
A copy of one of the following:
- Notice of Decision, or
- Verication of Status Document (VOS)
The documentation must be valid on your Program of Study
Start Date.
Alberta Residency:
Did you or one of your parents or legal guardian live in Alberta
for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to
commencing post-secondary studies? (Do not include time
attending post-secondary studies or vacations.)
Prov/State Country Postal/Zip Code
Status Indian/First Nations
Non-Status Indian/First Nations
Not applicable
Day Month Year
If no, was your spouse/partner an
Alberta resident immediately prior to you
commencing post-secondary studies?
Choose X if you do not identify as male
or female, or choose to self-identify as X.
Alberta Award for the Study
of Canadian Human Rights
and Multiculturalism
Advanced Education is collecting the personal information on this form under the authority of section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection
of Privacy Act (FOIP Act), as being directly related to and necessary to determine your eligibility for a scholarship under the Alberta Heritage Scholarship
Act and to administer scholarships including research, statistical analysis and program evaluation. The use and disclosure of your personal information
is managed in accordance with the FOIP Act.
If you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of this information, call the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre toll free at 1-855-606-2096
from anywhere in North America. You can also mail your questions to Alberta Student Aid, PO Box 28000 Station Main, Edmonton AB T5J 4R4.
Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism Last revised May 2020 Page 1
For Office Use Only App ID
Alberta Award for the Study
of Canadian Human Rights
and Multiculturalism
Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism Last revised May 2020 Page 2
Current Post-Secondary Institution Enrolment Information
Post-Secondary Institution Name
Program of Study
Program of Study Start Date
Month Year
Program Length
Expected Credential (e.g. upgrading, transfer, degree, diploma, certicate, other)
Additional Information
Master / Ph. D Level Information
Thesis based?
If yes, name of Thesis/Project Title
Academic Transcripts
List the institutions providing transcripts (include your surname if it is different on the transcript).
Student ID
Postal/Zip Code
Level of Study: (check one)
Master Level
Ph.D Level
Professional Program (e.g. medicine,
veterinary medicine, optometry, etc.)
Anticipated Date of Completion
Month Year
Year of Program
Alberta Student Number (mandatory)
Alberta Award for the Study
of Canadian Human Rights
and Multiculturalism
Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism Last revised May 2020 Page 3
Essay Question
The essay is the most important component of the application. Please address the following points in your essay:
1. What are the questions (up to three) you want to explore in your study? Why are they important to you?
2. How will your studies create value for Albertans in the areas of human rights, diversity or multiculturalism?
3. How do you plan to integrate the academic and professional literature about the topic of your study with your own experiences
and perspectives?
4. If your study involves human subjects, how many will be tested/interviewed, etc.
5. What is the likely impact of your research project in Alberta?
6. How do you propose to study the issues and what methodology will you be using to study these issues?
The essay should be no more than 1,200 words (citations not included in the word count), double spaced, no more than six lines per
inch, with a minimum font size of 10. Condensed type is not acceptable.
Declaration of Applicant
I have read and understand the instructions, and declare that:
• all information provided in this application, including any
supplemental information required to establish my eligibility
(the “Application”), is true and complete and I understand
that the information is subject to review and audit.
• I have read and understood the eligibility requirements and
obligations of the scholarship and/or award as stated in
the scholarship and/or award application and requirements
• I will immediately notify Alberta Scholarships – Alberta
Student Aid, in writing if I withdraw from studies or of
any changes to my name, address, academic status or
study period, or to any other information contained in the
Application in accordance with the instructions relating to
changes of information found on the Alberta Student Aid
Disclosure of Information
I understand that Advanced Education may disclose and
exchange my personal information pertaining to my high school
and post-secondary academic records, academic progress, and
enrolment status with:
• Alberta Education to verify my Alberta Student Number, name,
date of birth, and gender solely to conrm identication for
the purpose of the scholarship and/or award application.
• Any of the following: provincial and federal government
departments; the educational institution(s) named in the
Application; boards; and any third party or third party
organizations involved in the selection of the recipient.
I understand and agree:
• to provide all information requested by Alberta Student Aid
which, in Alberta Student Aid’s sole discretion, is required
to verify any statements made in this Application.
• if I receive a scholarship my name, award, and city/town
may be released publicly to promote the program. My name,
the name of the scholarship and the scholarship amount
may also be published on the Government of Alberta Grant
Disclosure Portal. However, my consent to the publication
of this personal information is not a criterion for eligibility,
and if I do not want to be identied, I will contact Alberta
Student Aid and request that it not be disclosed.
Please review your application to make sure you have completed all the required fields and that the information is accurate.
Incorrect or incomplete information will delay processing.
Your application and all supporting documentation must be received by the application deadline.
Signature of Applicant Today’s Date Alberta Student Number (mandatory)
Day Month Year