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Your school must complete the Commercial Aviation Training Form if you are pursuing Fixed Wing or Helicopter Training at a flight training
school. You must attach the form to your Application for Financial Assistance for Full-Time Post-Secondary Studies. If this is the first
Commercial Aviation Training Form you are submitting for Fixed Wing Training, you must also attach a copy of your valid private
pilot license.
The maximum assistance provided by Alberta Student Aid for students to complete an entire fixed wing training program (four components)
or an entire helicopter training program is equivalent to the maximum amount of funding available for four semesters of post-secondary study.
Alberta Student Aid does not fund private pilot license training or the completion of build-up time.
To complete a fillable form: 1. Save to your desktop. 2. Complete form. 3. Save final. Check, then submit. Never complete in a browser.
The Student will be enrolled in the following flight component(s). One component should not exceed 4 months.
Please check box(es) that apply.
Commercial Airplane Pilot
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Flight Instructor Rating
Commercial Helicopter Pilot
Entire Training Program
Partial Training - Number of Components
Curriculum Costs - All $ amounts must be submitted in Canadian dollars.
I declare that the above named Student is/will be enrolled in the above program and should be able to complete this program within
the time indicated above.
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