2020- 2021 Evening Sc
hool of Excellence
SESSION I: FALL Registration Information
Program Description
The Evening School of Excellence primarily serves high school students who have experienced
academic difficulties, personal challenges, and/or are at-risk of not graduating on time.
Designed to help students get back on track to graduation, the program provides an opportunity for students to
complete coursework and recover credits needed for graduation through evening classes. The instructional
program addresses the learning styles of students through smaller classes, more individualized attention, and
differentiated teaching strategies.
tion Period
Application and Payment Deadline for all courses*
Fall Session Begins
Important Dates
Aug. 24 - Sept. 21
September 21
October 5
**October 5 - 8
MANDATORY ONLINE PE 9 & 10 ORIENTATION your teacher will contact you
after registration closes with the date of your virtual orientation
October 12
Add/drop period ends. Refunds will not be considered after October 12.
November 3 No Class Student Holiday
Nov. 23 & 24 Midterm Exams
Nov. 25 - 26 No Class Thanksgiving Student Holiday
Dec. 21 – Jan. 1 No Class Winter Break
Jan. 6 - 7 Holiday Study Guides and Capstone Projects are Due
Jan. 11 - 14 SOL Testing & Final Exams
Jan. 25 Final Grades Posted
Students may enroll in one core academic course for a tuition fee of $200. Students may enroll in two core academic
courses held within the same session for $300.
Online Health/PE costs $225. Driver’s Education costs $175.
Course Drop Period
The last day to drop a course with a refund is October 12, 2020. Please see your home school counselor if you wish to
drop the class.
Class Times: Classes meet twice each week 5:15 pm – 8:30 pm.
***Henrico County Public Schools reserve the right to cancel courses for which there is insufficient enrollment.***
Course offerings include:
English 11 Algebra II HSHS only Virginia & US Government
English 12 Algebra Functions & Data Analysis Virginia & US History
Online PE 9 & 10* GeometryHSHS only Driver’s Ed.* – AVR only
Biology II Econ and Pers. Finance – AVR only
*An additional fee applies for the Behind-the-Wheel portion of the Driver’s Education course. The B-T-W fee
($100) is collected by the driving instructor. Students enrolling in Online PE must have a gym membership and a
current physical. Students who are not able to provide an acceptable copy of a current physical to the instructor on
opening night will be required to drop the course the following day.
Evening School of Excellence Program Sites
Academy at Virginia Randolph Highland Springs High School
2204 Mountain Road 15 S. Oak Avenue
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 Highland Springs, Virginia 23075
804-261-5085 804-328-4000
Please keep this page for your records, and submit pages 2-4 to the home school with payment.
Last Name First Name MI
Full Address
nt/Guardian Parent (evening phone)
er Emergency Contact Phone Relationship
itional Information (allergies, medical concerns, etc.)
2020/2021 H
ome School
Student Email Parent Email
Course Name Days Time Tuition HSHS* AVR*
English 11 M/W 5:15pm -8:30pm $200.00
English 12 M/W 5:15pm - 8:30pm $200.00
Driver’s Education Class
There is an additional fee for
Behind the Wheel.
M/W 5:15pm - 8:30pm $175.00
Algebra II (HSHS only) M/W 5:15pm - 8:30pm $200.00
Algebra, Functions & Data
T/Th 5:15pm - 8:30pm $200.00
Geometry T/Th 5:15pm 8:30pm $200.00
Virginia & US History T/ Th 5:15pm - 8:30pm $200.00
Virginia & US Government T/ Th 5:15pm - 8:30pm $200.00
Biology II T/ Th 5:15pm - 8:30pm $200.00
Economics & Personal
Finance (AVR only)
T/Th 5:15pm-8:30pm $200.00
*Online Health/PE 9 Online
Meet with the
teacher periodically
to check progress.
*Online Health/PE 10 Online
Meet with the
teacher periodically
to check progress.
Student Signature
Parent/Guardian Signature Date
*Please return this form to your school counselor immediately for course approval*
Date Received ____________
Via Mail ____ Fax ________
All course selections are subject to verification and approval by the
School Counseling Department at your home school.
The Evening School of Excellence is designed for 11
& 12
grade students who have fallen behind and are not on
track to graduate in four years. Students are given an opportunity to take courses and recover credits required for on-
time graduation. Enrollment priority is given to students anticipating graduation in June 2021. All applicants must be
actively enrolled in their HCPS home school to be considered for enrollment.
Student N
ame Grade
First Middle Last
What is the reason for the student taking the course(s)? [ ] Acceleration [ ] On-time Graduation
[ ] Other [ ] Course unavailable in regular schedule
confirm the course enrollment information for accuracy on the front of the application. Be sure to check
whether the correct course applies and whether the student is repeating the course.
Does the student receive special education services? [ ] Yes [ ] No Date of Current IEP
Date of Current 504
Is the accommodations page of the IEP or 504 attached to this application? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Please note the application is not complete without the accommodations page or case manager’s signature. All
applications should be emailed to Stella Smith, srsmith3@henrico.k12.va.us and the specific ESOE Site
Coordinator should be copied on the email.
School Counselor (Print Name) Signature Date
Case M
anager (Print Name) Signature Date
Academy at Virginia Randolph
ESOE Site Coordinators:
Lori Huff lyhuff@henrico.k12.va.us
Jamette Turner jjtodd@henrico.k12.va.us
Highland Springs High School
ESOE Site Coordinators:
W. Randy Mudd wrmudd@henrico.k12.va.us
Program Administrator
Justine Jordan
(804) 652-3027 Office
1 Course = $200.00 2 Courses= $300.00
Driver's Ed = $175 Online Health and PE = $225
Course Selection 1:
Course Selection 2:
* In order to receive the discounted tuition rate for two classes,
students must take both courses within the same session. *
Paid $ Date Paid
Check #
or money orders should be made payable to the home school.
Tuition must be paid in full when the application is submitted.
Important Information for Students
Registering for Evening School
Regular, consistent attendance in Evening
School is essential to student success. The
courses are fast-paced and each day of
attendance is critical.
No more than three (3) absences, excused or
unexcused, are permitted in the program. Students
who are absent more than 3 days may be withdrawn
from the program.
Three (3) tardies or 3 early dismissals will be
counted as one absence.
There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement,
All classes end promptly at 8:30 pm. Students must
be picked up immediately by an authorized party
upon class dismissal.
Late pickups occurring after 8:30 pm will be
recorded by the ESOE Site Coordinator. Three (3)
or more late pickups are considered a violation of
the attendance policy and will be handled
Parent/ Guardian Initial here: __
Student Initial here: __ ______
Attendance and tardy requirements are not
meant to be punitive.
All schools must maintain and enforce a
minimum number of student hours per class in
order to retain their accreditation.
Tuition must be paid to the home school when
the application is submitted.
Once a course has started, no refunds will be
authorized after October 12, 2020.
No refunds will be authorized for students
withdrawn for excessive absences or disciplinary
Henrico County Public Schools reserves the
right to cancel classes for which there is
insufficient enrollment and disburse refunds to
affected students accordingly.
Make Up work applies to excused absences due
to illness, bereavement, and religious holidays.
Evening School is a privilege, not a requirement.
The program is designed to help students get back
on track and earn credits needed for graduation.
Inappropriate disruptions and improper behavior
will not be tolerated.
Students referred to the ESOE Coordinator for
violations of discipline may be withdrawn.
If a student is suspended from day school, they
cannot attend evening school on the days of their
suspensions. This will count as an absence.
The Henrico County Public Schools Code of
Student Conduct will be enforced in the Evening
School of Excellence.
I give permission for my son/daughter to participate in the Evening School of Excellence. I have read the
above guidelines and the HCPS Code of Student Conduct, and I will ensure that my child will comply
with all regulations.
Parent/Guardian Signature Date
Student Signature Date
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