Preliminary Application
Affordable Housing
Piscataway Township
Middlesex County, New Jersey
This is a Preliminary Application only. Do not send supporting documentation at this time.
You will be notified as to the status of your preliminary eligibility based on the information that
you provide in this application. When an affordable home becomes available, eligible candidates
will be contacted. At that time, we will provide you with a list of documentation required to
support and verify the information submitted in this application. We can not and do not
guarantee housing based on the approval of this Preliminary Application. Aspen Court is a
development of Aspen Court Ventures, LLC. Affordable Housing application services are
provided by Piazza & Associates, Inc., an affordable housing services corporation. This is an
Equal Housing Opportunity. This program is subject to municipal and state affordable housing
regulations, but no guarantee can be made that these homes are affordable to all applicants.
This program is subject to availability. Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change
without notice.
Piazza & Associates, Inc. Affordable Housing Services
216 Rockingham Row Princeton Forrestal Village Princeton, NJ 08540
Telephone: 609-786-1100 Facsimile: 609-786-1105 E-mail:
Affordable Housing
Policies and Requirements
For All Applicants ___________________________________________________________
This is an equal housing opportunity. Federal law prohibits discrimination against any person
making application to buy or rent a home with regard to age, race, religion, national origin,
sex, handicapped or familial status. State law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race,
creed, color, national origin, ancestry, nationality, marital or domestic partnership or civil
union status, familial status, sex, gender identity or expression, affectional or sexual
orientation, disability, source of lawful income or source of lawful rent payment.
This affordable housing must be the intended primary residence of the applicant. All
household members who intend to reside at the affordable apartment must be listed in the
Preliminary Application. If changes in household composition occur during the application
process, or if there is a change of address, the applicant is required to notify Piazza &
Associates, Inc. in writing, immediately.
Applications must be truthful, complete and accurate. Any false statement makes the
application null and void, and subjects the applicant to penalties imposed by law.
Annual Income includes, but is not limited to, salary or wages, alimony, child support, social
security benefits, unemployment benefits, pensions, business income, and actual or imputed
earnings from assets (which include bank accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, or
other securities), and real estate.
If you own a home in which you are currently residing and which you intend to sell prior to
living in an affordable home, compute your income from this asset by taking the market value
of your home, subtracting the mortgage principal, and multiplying the balance by the current
“Passbook Savings Rate” published by HUD. Income from other real estate holdings is
determined by the actual income you receive from the asset (less expenses, but not less your
mortgage principal payment). If you have no outstanding mortgage debt, the value of your
home will be subject to a maximum appraised value limit, which, when exceeded, may
disqualify you from this affordable housing program.
Specific documentation to verify income and assets will be required at a later date, during the
final portion of the application process, during which no changes will be allowed.
Please understand that the rental rates for this affordable housing are established and governed
by State and / or municipal regulations. Although consideration is made for very low-, low-
and moderate- categories of household incomes, rental rates do not fluctuate on the basis of
each individual applicant's income. Therefore, we can not and do not guarantee that any
apartment for rent will be affordable to YOU or YOUR household.
The owners and managers of affordable apartments will set forth additional requirements,
including, but not limited to an application fee, a lease agreement, security deposit, minimum
credit standards and criminal background check. Once leased, rents will NOT be adjusted to
accommodate fluctuations in household income. Rental rate increases may occur annually,
but are subject to limitations. The municipality may subject final applications to a regional
preference requirement, which is allowed by state regulations.
If you need assistance completing this application, please contact us at 609-786-1100.
Please mail your application to the address, below, or fax it to us at 609-786-1105.
Piscataway Township, NJ
216 Rockingham Row - Princeton, NJ 08540
Piazza & Associates, Inc.
A. Head of Household Information
B. Household Composition and Income (List ALL sources of income, including, but not limited to Salary,
Dividends, Social Security, Child Support, Alimony & Pensions. DO NOT include income from Assets listed in
Section C.)
$Head of Household#1
Gross Annual Income
SexDate of BirthRelation ToFull Name (First, Middle & Last)
List everyone who will occupy the apartment.
C. Assets (Bank Accounts, Cert. of Deposit, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Etc. If you own the
home in which you live, clearly indicate BOTH the market value & your equity in the home
Your equity equals the market value less any outstanding mortgage Principal.)
Annual Income
Current Market
Value of Asset
Type of Asset
F. Important Information (Must be signed by everyone over the age of 17.)
Preliminary Application
for Affordable Housing
, NJ
1. Last Name: ________________________________
2. First Name: ________________________________
3. Home Address: _____________________________
4. P.O. Box or Apt. No.: _________________________
5. City: _____________________________________
Soc. Sec. No: ________--______--_______
Home Phone: ( ) _______--__________
Work Phone: ( ) _______--__________
County: _____________________________
State: _________ ZIP: ________________
D. Addition Information
Do you receive Section 8
Rental Assistance that
will apply to the
affordable apt?:_____
Do you PAY alimony
and/or child support to
someone outside the
household? ____
If you do, how much do
you pay per month?
No. of Bedrooms
(limited by number in
Do you require a
home?: ______
E. Preferences
I(We) hereby authorize the Township of Piscataway, Aspen Court Ventures, LLC,
and/or Piazza & Associates, Inc., their agents and/or employees to obtain information
regarding the status of my(our) credit, and to check the accuracy of any and all
statements and representations made in this application. I(We) certify that all
information in this application is accurate, complete and true. I(We) understand that if
any statements made are willingly false, the application is null and void, and I(we) may
be subject to penalties imposed by law. Void if not signed.
Signed: _____________________________________ Date: _______________
Signed: _____________________________________ Date: _______________
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