Faculty Advisor Intention Form
I, _____________________________________________________________________________________
with the _______________________________________________________________________________
Name of College/University
will serve in the capacity of Faculty Advisor for the new Student Chapter of the Educators Rising Collegiate program
within this University.
I agree to be available to the student members of this Chapter and will do my best to guide/mentor them and be
involved in their chapter activities.
On behalf of this Student Chapter, I have requested a ‘Letter of Support’ from the University’s Administration (Dean
or Dean of Student Affairs) if mandated by University bylaws.
I understand that as a Faculty Advisor of the said Student Chapter, I am required to set a good example to the
students by being a current member of the PDK Internationals Educators Rising Collegiate program.
We currently have the required minimum of 2 students who have affiliated with the National network
(names provided below) and paid their annual student member fees for the current school year.
1. __________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________
Have a plan of action for upcoming meetings and election of officers.
We hereby list the following goals and objectives of our chapter.
Completed Faculty Advisor Intention Form and Letter of Support (if mandatory) can be emailed to edrisingcollegiate@pdkintl.org or mailed to
EdRising Collegiate, PO Box 13090, Arlington, VA 22219 (Fax: 812-339-0018).