Addional informaon is needed to connue processing your financial aid applicaon. If you are a dependent student please pro-
vide both student and parent informaon. If you are an independent student, please provide student/spouse informaon.
Financial Aid Office
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Asset Verificaon
Answer the following quesons AS OF THE DAY you originally signed and submied the FAFSA®.
Do not leave anything blank, if the answer is zero indicate zero (‐0‐).
Student/Spouse Parent(s)
(If dependent student)
What was your total balance of cash, savings, and checking accounts at the me
the FAFSA® was filed? Do not include student financial aid.
What was the net worth of your investments including real estate? Do not include
the home you live in.
What was the net worth of your businesses and/or investment farms? Do not
include a family farm or family business with less than 100 full-me employees.
Notes for Asset Quesons:
Net worth means the current value, as of the day you filed the FAFSA®, of investments, businesses, and/or investment farms,
minus debts related to those same investments, businesses, and/or investment farms. If net worth is negave, enter 0.
Investments include real estate (do not include the home in which you live), rental property, (includes a unit within a family
home that has it own entrance, kitchen and bath rented to someone other than a family member), trust funds, UGMA/UTMA ac-
counts (Do not include UGMA and UTMA accounts for which your parents are the custodian but not the owner), money market
funds, mutual funds, cerficates of deposit, stocks, stock opons, bonds, other securies, Coverdell savings accounts, 529 college
savings plans, the refund value of 529 prepaid tuion plans, installment and land sale contracts (including mortgages held), com-
modies, etc.
Investments do not include the home in which your parents live; cash, savings and checking accounts; the value of life insur-
ance and rerement plans (401[k] plans, pension funds, annuies, non-educaon IRAs, Keogh plans, etc.).
Investment value means the current balance or market value of these investments as of the day you submied the FAFSA®.
Investment debt means only those debts that are related to the investments.
Business and/or investment farm value includes the market value of land, buildings, machinery, equipment, inventory, etc. Busi-
ness and/or investment farm debt means only those debts for which the business or investment farm was used as collateral.
Business value does not include the value of a small business if your family owns and controls more than 50% of the business
and the business has 100 or fewer full-me or full-me equivalent employees.
For small business value, your family includes (1) persons directly related to you such as a parent, sister, or cousin or (2) per-
sons who are or were related to you by marriage such as a spouse, stepparent or sister-in-law.
By signing this form, I cerfy the informaon reported is true and accurate. Adobe or signature type fonts will not be accepted.
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